Top Oakworks massage tables

Your three top Oakworks massage tables, reviewed.

What You Need To Know

There are two choices you can make in choosing your first massage table. The first is to get a cheap table for under 200 dollars that has thin foam, a somewhat stable set of legs, and the chance that it might not last as long as you want or need it. Perhaps it is good to choose such a table, but would it not be better to choose something that lasts? Oakworks massage tables have been made by the company since 1977, and they enjoy something of a reputation in the massage therapists'community for sheer durability, reliability, and strength.

For those of us who are starting out as massage therapists, the second choice, to pick a table that is durable, strong, and reliable, might be a better investment. Over the long run, your first Oakwood massage table that lasts will have a higher resale value and be better value for money than a cheap table that may prove to be brittle after short-term use. Such advantages are why we are providing information today on these massage tables and hope that this knowledge will prove to be useful when you are purchasing your first Oakwood massage table from the company.

The Oakworks One Massage Table is the last one we are reviewing today. Like the Oakwood Nova Massage Table, this is a basic massage table for those intending to start out, or for more experienced massage therapists who want to upgrade their more affordable massage table to something more durable and lasting. Like the other tables, it features the Oakworks massage table's distinct feature, which is the Integra Hinge system. This system aims to provide an integrated attachment to the bracing system which is distinct from what piano hinges on other brands'models could offer, thus providing added strength and stability to the table. It can support weights of up to 500 pounds, giving enough room for you and other heavier clients to maneuver on the table.

Among the accessories being offered for the Oakworks One Massage Table are two standard items which one can find in a decent massage table package. The first is a face cradle and platform. The face cradle nestles the face while the therapist performs the massage, and the platform allows the cradle to be mounted on the table without any difficulty. The other accessory is an arm sling that allows the arms to relax without dangling off the table. The table also comes with a carrying case for easy portability. We hope that you consider this, and the other Oakworks massage tables we have recommended, for your massage therapy needs. We trust that you will continue to provide the best possible care for your clients using these tables.

There is nothing more thrilling than the excitement of a sports game, and nothing more unfortunate than injuries caused by a pulled muscle or something similar. Sports therapists on the field need something lightweight they can carry around, something strong that can withstand the elements, and something durable that can last on the sidelines for years. That is why the Oakworks Boss Massage Table exists. This Oakworks massage table, unlike the others, is not made of wood, but rather of pure lightweight metal, a necessity when taking the table to the sidelines. It has free field feet that can stand on any surface without any significant problems arising from slippage or other possible dangers. This is a particularly durable table, which the manufacturer promises can survive conditions from heat to extreme cold.

We actually have not had the opportunity to test the Oakworks Boss Massage Table on the field but in a home setting, where we found it a table that was indeed quite strong enough to support the weight of clients but whose foam was thin enough to provide a degree of comfort for our test client. We note that the table has been tested and used by different sports events and teams. The ESPN X-Games are among the sporting events whose medics and therapists have this Oakworks massage table on hand. Professional sports teams have had this particular table on their sidelines for years. Numerous college teams have also had this table on hand in case their players pull a muscle. Such a roster of clients puts this table at an advantage if you are a sports therapist and need a table that is lasting and delivers what it intends to do.

We first review the Nova Massage Table, which has generally gotten very positive feedback from users, including ourselves. We found it to be a durable table, with its smooth surface carefully concealing three inches of multi-layered high density foam. This feature is enough to provide relaxation for your clients and ours, and gives a useful working surface for therapists upon which to work their healing touch. Three inches of foam is the industry standard for professional massage tables, and is the best depth of cushioning for clients'comfort. One can easily adjust the height of this Oakworks massage table using wooden knobs that are engraved and are resistant to oil and dirt, especially from your healing hands. It takes only a few minutes to adjust the height so that you can find more time to massage.

One of the two key features of this Oakworks Nova Massage Table that we found valuable is their patented UniLock closure system, one which is used to fold the table for easier transport. It is easy to use, which is good for therapists who may be in a hurry to get to their next client, and unlike the usual metal clasps, it does not scratch or harm the floor. This Oakworks massage table package includes some accessories, such as a face rest platform and crescent so that the client's face is relaxed and comfortable, a carrying case for your convenience, a bolster set for easier mounting of the face platform and crescent, and the upholstery, which comes in this set as forest green, though many colors are available.


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