Stronglite Standard Massage Table Package Review

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First, You Need to Know This

From amateur to professional massage therapists, the Stronglite brand has something to match their needs. One of its offerings is the Stronglite Standard Massage Table Package. Simple and straightforward, this product is designed with the user's convenience in mind. No bells and whistles to distract you from doing your job.

This model's frame is made of the finest hardwood. When I first saw it, I thought the structure looked stable and sturdy. Upon giving it a try, the experience is even much better. Wooden tables do have an advantage over metal ones, in that they creak less during a session.

The more I performed massages on my clients on this table, the greater my confidence in it has become. In this review, I hope to share with you the satisfying experience I have had using the Stronglite Standard Massage Table Package. Things to watch out for are also included, so as to help you make an informed decision about this unit.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Stronglite Standard Massage Table Package

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  • The birchwood hardwood frame and birchwood plywood table top make the device stable and sturdy all throughout the session, providing the client with ultimate comfort.
  • The 3-inch padding, which has just the right thickness, and the plush upholstery, which comes in 5 colors, enhance the client experience.
  • With adjustable height and portability (at 32 pounds), this massage table fits the needs of amateur and professional massage therapists alike.


  • It can be heavier than cheaper models, though this is because the Stronglite standard massage is made of quality hardwood to begin with.
  • The face cradle may not satisfy the preferences of everybody, as it needs a bit of attention to attach, but overall it works fine.

Features & Benefits

Quality Hardwood

There are several advantages to having a massage table that uses hardwood for frame and table top. This Stronglite model sports a frame made of quality birchwood. Let us first look closely at that. As it is constructed out of 100% wood, the frame has the strength to support the client's body, as well as the additional pressure that comes from your body during the massage treatment. It also has the structure to keep the table steady at all times. All the assembled parts of the frame are strong and durable, much less prone to give away to pressure and wear-and-tear.

On the other hand, the tabletop is made of birchwood plywood. Composed of several layers of birch veneer, the ply has gone through a process that reinforces the strength of birchwood. So expect the tabletop to match the strength and stability of the frame. The wood design is also better than the metal one, as the former tends to creak less or not at all. Birch plywood is a reliable material by makers as it has a nice, elegant finish, a reputation for durability, and a wallet-friendly price tag. Think of it as a good deal that is reflected even in the final product.

Plush Upholstery

The polyurethane upholstery is the source of ultimate comfort. Though it appears simple and straightforward, the Stronglite massage table lives up to the first part of its brand name. Yet, aside from being strong, it is also cozy. Couple this with the 3-inch foam that is just the right thickness. You can assure your client a comfortable, enriching massage treatment session while lying on this device. This reliable dude delivers its promise, letting you do your work without compromise. The manufacturer has placed much confidence in its creation that it is offering a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 3-year warranty on foam and vinyl.

At the same time, the PU upholstery is eco-friendly and the cushioning system is CFC-free. Think about saving the environment while getting your hands on a high-quality product with this buddy. The upholstery has a subtle style that also adds to the birchwood elegance. It comes in agate, black, burgundy, purple, and teal. I find the colors appealing and relaxing, especially teal. Plus, they match different interior designs easily, you can have the device in your treatment office or lug it around for on-call duties. The foam's rounded corners are also chic, allowing the table to look cool and cozy.

Adjustable Height and Portable Table

The massage table from Stronglite has an adjustable height ranging from 23 inches to 33 inches. This feature caters to individuals of different sizes. Further, this enables you to perform your job without having to worry about your back aching or shoulders succumbing to the pressure. It protects the therapist just as it does the client. Thanks to this function, you can also personalize the experience for each person. Making the adjustment is easy to learn, too. Raise it to the comfort level of your client. If you are studying to become a pro, then you can also try to find out your comfort level through this table.

In addition to the adjustable height feature, this massage table is portable at 33 pounds. It is also a darling when it comes to setting up and packing up. It boasts a full-length piano hinge. Even students, who may not be as familiar with assembly, will have a sweet time carrying this as their personal table to and from school. When purchased as a package, the table comes with a carrying case. Stronglite also includes a face pillow that can be attached to the frame. It may take some time to fix the face cradle onto the table, but you can get over it as time goes by.

Reiki Endplates and Patented Cradle Lock Cable Support

The Reiki endplates help the therapist to get closer to the client, especially during the application of Reiki techniques, without obstruction. But by having these, the part of the plate that crosses between the legs can be found on top of the legs, which is not the optimal position. However, the plate is twice or thrice thicker than the standard to make up for the lost integrity of the structure. It may seem a bit tricky, especially for students and amateur massage therapists. But it can be an advantage as you get to understand how it works.

In the shape of an upturned U, the function of the Reiki endplates is reinforced by Stronglite's patented cradle lock cable system. As it allows you to perform Reiki techniques, this wiring enables you to achieve other modalities. This function is perfect for the pros. At the same time, it is a smart addition, making it easy for beginners to learn and do more with their massage table. As practitioners are put at ease, so will they be more confident to do their job. And as they are confident to do their job, they put more clients at ease.



Now that you have learned the strong suits of the Stronglite Standard Massage Table Package, I hope you have also gained more confidence in it. Wherever you are in your practice, there is a function in this product that serves you in every stage. Pro or amateur, you can start investing in your occupation with this model. It has the simplicity of a tried-and-tested device. The features included in the table and the package are just what you need to jumpstart your sessions. And Stronglite packed them in one excellent, reliable set. No unnecessary bells and whistles. But it is not lacking as well.

This may set you back with more dollars than when you settle with a cheaper option. Yet, the Stronglite table is worth every penny. Sure, the maker can improve on a couple of things, like the face cradle and the weight (it is a bit heavier than cheaper models). But one thing it does not need to be called out for is quality. From the birchwood hardwood frame to the Reiki endplates, this massage table is a force to reckon with. It is durable, super stable, and not that expensive if you think about it. It lets you do your job without worries.

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