Best Shoulder Massage Chair Overview: A Guide for People in Pain

We outlined the things to look for and avoid for you to get the best shoulder massage benefits out of a chair.

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Straight to the Facts

When it comes to buying a massage chair targeted for people with shoulder pains, there is no settling. You have to pay attention to the product details. Think about how convenient for every brand out there to say their product can alleviate tension and aches in your shoulders. But not all can deliver that promise. So, in this article, we will look briefly at the causes of your pain. Then we will outline the points that add or subtract values to a massage chair. Ultimately, we aim to find you the best possible match through this guide. And we do this by looking at the bigger picture.

Good shoulders can perform a wide range of motion. Certain conditions, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, can hamper these movements. If you are suffering from these pains, a shoulder massage chair can be very helpful. But is a chair wide enough to cradle your shoulders? Aren't those airbags too small to relieve you of the torturous pain? When and how can massage therapy be of use to your injury or condition? These are just some details to look for in a massage chair or a massage chair pad. You would want to end up with the perfect unit. So keep reading and increase your knowledge.

Massage Therapy: Effects on Shoulders

How does massage therapy help alleviate pain in the shoulders? There are certain techniques employed by therapists to reduce knots and stress in this area. Spot massage can direct pressure to the lumps that arise from muscle and tissue adhesions, a major cause of pain. Aches can also be the result of muscle toxin accumulation. A good shiatsu massage can eliminate these knots in the upper body including the shoulders. A good rule of thumb is to find a massage chair that targets the upper body just as well as it does the lumbar section. Typically, these come in the form of a shiatsu massage chair with a large cushion for the neck and shoulders. The pillow, however, should be adjustable. This will allow you to concentrate the vibration on the trigger points. Vibration is another factor to add, as this movement provides relief on the shoulders when applied correctly.

What cancels out good cushion and vibration, however, is the width of the cushion. According to massage chair experts, invest in a chair that offers a humongous cradle for your shoulders. But how do you determine this? The shoulder massager function is composed of airbags. If the machine only contains small airbags, it won't give enough pressure to the trigger points. So if a brand claims that its chair has a shoulder massager, you should ask them about the size. If you feel like there is a discrepancy between what is being said and what is true, you can also test out the chair first. When you do, concentrate on the parts that target your upper body. Do you feel shortchanged? Or are you feeling a release of tension in your joints and muscles? The latter is the signal that the chair is helping your joints widen its range of motions once again.

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Desired Effects for Specific Conditions

Depending on the speed and intensity, you can achieve certain effects on your upper joints and muscles. In turn, this frees your shoulders to move multiple ways. Ultimately, this should be your aim when getting a massage chair for your shoulder pains. The unit does not take the pain away directly. When the massage techniques are applied on the joints and muscles, the pressure will trigger an effect on your shoulders. Thus, you have to find yourself a chair that does not overlook the upper back. Avoid models with too small space dedicated to neck and shoulders. Have a feel of the vibration motors to determine if any can go far as you want in terms of intensity and speed. And remember that shoulder pains are not created equal. What works for someone with bursitis will not for someone with tendonitis. If it is a serious problem, you should also ask your doctor for advice first.

As for issues such as bursitis and tendonitis, massage therapy can release the pressure from the bursa and tendons, respectively. So it is a different target area but with the same effects (eliminating pressure but different parts). The bursa is relieved of the pressure that comes from the muscles and tendons in the joints. But therapy won't reduce the swelling that already happened because of excessive use of the joints. In tendonitis, the tendons and muscle tissues are lengthened by massage therapy. Here, the pressure on the tendons is removed. Reduction of pain is achieved in either condition through massage. There are many other conditions, which will be impossible to tackle here. But the point here is to know what the desired effects for the correct parts (affected parts) of your body. You should not settle for less than those results. You will spend big bucks, anyway. Even the cheapest will still hurt a little. Might as well go for the best model to support your shoulders.

Our Verdict

Now you know the possible and desired effects of massage on your body. We hope that this information has helped you narrow down your choices. If you know what you want, you can get it. Though it may not always be an easy route from there. Sometimes, one massage chair has all but one qualities you are looking for. Another has the missing quality you are looking for but is mediocre with the rest. You may think: is there really a perfect shoulder massage chair to begin with? We say, yes and no. There is a perfect model in that you can find the best qualities in it. But it will still be imperfect in that you can also find one quality that is not its strongest suit.

How is that perfect? Hmm, maybe to frame it more correctly, let's call it a perfect match. Given all the factors to check, which one can produce the most desirable results for you? This question includes the most desirable result for your wallet. So, what we're saying is that make the right compromise. Your health first, budget next, then probably style comes last. The best massager for your shoulder pains can also be packaged with the best calf massager. To get a grasp of what to look for a full body massage chair, check out the other reviews and articles found on this site.