15 of The Best Shiatsu Chairs on Sale: Full Review

Read our shiatsu chair reviews featuring the 15 best products this year.

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Derived from the Japanese, shiatsu massage employs various techniques using finger acupressure. The movements include pressing, kneading, soothing, tapping, and stretching. It is used to release pressure from isolated parts of the body. Integrate the functions of shiatsu in a recliner chair, and you will double the chances of the user getting a complete relaxation. Massage chairs now, however, have incorporated a lot of functions in them it is not easy to separate the best among the rest. This article aims to do just that. These are reviews of the best massage chairs in the market that are also offering shiatsu function.

Further, this article contains the 15 best shiatsu chair reviews with specs. We look at each of them and tell you their most outstanding features. We want to equip you with the information you need to make the best possible decision. In the end, we hope that you will be able to choose a chair that you will love and benefit from for many years. Some of these chairs are legally acknowledged as medical devices, so you can pursue health and wellness stress- and pain-free. Massage has been shown to produce more benefits, which we will enumerate in the following reviews:

A five-star product through and through, the Relaxonchair shiatsu massage chair is designed for different body types. It is an in-demand first-class seat in flights, so a wide range of sizes and shapes can fit in perfectly. This chair is a must-buy due to its multiple features and benefits. Aside from being a space saver, it employs zero gravity technology, ensuring that users receive ultimate comfort. Its next-generation ergonomic design is an innovation in the industry: the S-shape rail system, which replaces the L-shape design. The former is said to conform to the contours of the body in a more natural and comfortable way. With this device, you can maximize the health and physical benefits even before you take full advantage of the massage function.

Speaking of the massage function, it can be activated through 5 auto-programs. Each offers a combination of massages and targets a different set of body parts and needs. The settings are as follows: Relax is for deep massage on acupressure points; Comfort is for the bones and muscles; Recovery is for the improvement of blood circulation; and of course, Neck & Shoulder and Back & Waist are self-explanatory. Since the choices pretty much cover the whole body, you can always rely on the appropriate setup at your moment of need. What's more is that it also allows you to customize your treatment. You can try your own combination of massage techniques, intensity, width, and speed while targeting a certain area. With the Relaxonchair shiatsu massage chair, a treatment at home becomes possible and more personal than ever.

The more functions integrated in a massage chair, the more complicated it may seem. But do not be intimidated by the long list of features. The first thing you have to know about the Health & Beauty massage chair is that it caters to almost your entire body, from neck to toe. It boasts the best foot and calf massager, equipped with 12 airbags that produces 4 combinations at 2 intensity levels. This function targets your most tired areas, the feet and the calves. There are 24 types of massage to choose from overall. Yet, you can switch to manual if you want to customize the width, speed of the air massage, the placement of the rollers, and the vibrators. To maximize comfort, you can also determine if you want flapping, knocking, massaging, rolling, shiatsu, and / or kneading.

With this chair, you have the autonomy to pick your wellness solution for a particular situation. The Health & Beauty massage chair can run from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on your preferred duration. The auto-programs are labeled according to their expected effect on you, such as Physical Therapy, Fatigue, Relax, and Health Care. This machine also brings out results immediately. It can deal straight with sore muscles and vertebrae, offering relief afterward. Sure, it is not designed to be a cure-all, but it works well in healing parts of your body that currently hurt. A handheld device comes along with the product, which generates heat for therapy. The package also contains an MP3 player. This purchase is a bundle, allowing you to have ultimate R&R at home.

The Kahuna massage chair is registered with FDA as a medical device. The therapeutic measures are based on the massage techniques employed by professionals, the benefits of getting into zero gravity position, the stretching function of yoga, and heating therapy. When you fully recline, your legs are higher than your heart level. This has therapeutics effects, which can be felt immediately. Also, the zero gravity position is the best position to get a massage. In this case, your weight is distributed evenly across the chair. The pressure on your body is reduced, so you get to enjoy the full benefits of a deep, more intensive massage. Meanwhile, the L-track massage, which refers to the shape of the roller trail, aids in decompressing individual spine and supports the neck and back down to the buttocks.

This device from Kahuna employs a computer body scan tech that scans the body size so as to determine how to customize the massage. For now, we can say that it is safe to use for individuals who are between 5'2 to 6'2 tall. Further, it uses air massage tech. The machine works with a minimal number of airbags, which are programmed to inflate separately. This method enables the body to twist and deep stretch. Imagine how good it must feel to be enjoying a massage while experiencing the stretch of yoga. However, the chair does make a bit of noise and is vinyl, not leather. Still, you will be hard-pressed to find an L-shape chair for the same price. So why not choose Kahuna?

The MK-II Plus from Relaxonchair is a darling when it comes to deep-tissue massage and full-body stretching. The chair provides you with a treatment that is detailed and human-like. It moves you to a calculated routine, slowly stretching out the leg and back muscles. So even if you cannot make it to your favorite spa or center, you can still receive a massage similar to the type that relies on human touch. If you are a particularly queasy or private person, wherein you dislike being touched by another, then this is the right device for you. It has gentle yet firm rollers, 4 automatic massage programs, 3 manual massage types, 3 levels of airbag intensity, and 3 speed controls to choose from.

To enhance the massage experience, Relaxonchair features two heating pads that targets your lower back. As it massages you from shoulder to foot, you will find that different sections of the chair apply a particular function or functions on each of your body parts.Everything about this chair caters to your need for relief from pressure, discomfort and stress, relaxation, and custom-fit health and wellness solutions. It offers a rewarding return on your investment. Plus, you have the access to massage treatment, any time and any day, in the comforts of your home. And the effects can be felt daily. Fair warning: it can be addicting.

Manufacturer BestMassage packs several functions in one product. Their full-body shiatsu massage chair can emulate the techniques used by experts. Rolling is the up and down movement in a revolving manner from a fixed point. It replicates the way the finger is pressed for direct and effective massage. Kneading is for working out the knots and reducing muscle pain. Meanwhile, the shiatsu function uses power rollers to relax muscle stress, reduce fatigue, and rejuvenate both mind and body. For the improvement of flexibility,mobility, and posture of the legs, there is the combination of compression and percussion. Lastly, the chopping, tapping, and flapping are for reducing soreness and aches, stimulating nerves, and softening thick layers of fatty deposits, among other benefits.

Aside from the fantastic massage aspects, the comfort and convenience are not found lacking in this product. Assembly of the BestMassage chair is easy. It can only take you around 10 minutes. This full body shiatsu massage chair is made of supple and soft material. It is not leather, but it does not also feel like something you do not want to get in contact with your skin. It is actually pleasing to the touch. As it can assist in the therapy undergone by those suffering from neck and back injuries, the massage actions can reach from the neck to the feet in a fully reclined position. The downside is that the chair can be narrow for someone who is very tall and huge.

The ReAct shiatsu massage chair by Brookstone comes in a sleek, L-shape design. Such construction allows for a continuous massage track from your back to your thighs. This movement deepens your relaxation as a result. To deal with strain, pain, and stress, you can choose to have a full body or back massage through the chairs two auto-programs. The device employs deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes to soothe, relieve, and help your body recover. Should you want to switch from auto to manual in the middle of a session, you can adjust the setting from the easy-access control panel. Another add-on option is the removable neck pillow. This item is strictly for the use of adults only. Remove accessories and jewelry before jumping into it.

Consultation with a medical professional before buying this product is also important. For instance, persons who are undergoing one or more of these cases should be assumed at risk without prior medical advice: an individual who may be pregnant or recently gave birth, suffers from diabetes, has a heart condition or a pacemaker, and are physically injured, among others. The Brookstone ReAct shiatsu massage chair is perfect for maintenance. It works well for those who are subjected to daily stresses because of their job. To complete your relaxation, you can also choose to warm things up through the heat function.This will add another layer of relaxation to your tired muscles. Looking more compact than most of its competitors, it can fit in apartments, bedrooms, rec rooms, and even gyms.

BestMassage has developed a shiatsu massage chair recliner that massages all sides, even increasing its coverage area by 60 percent. Your neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, and thighs will love this anti-zero gravity recliner. This allows them to become weightless, or more accurately, their weight to be evenly distributed across the chair. This position also allows the body, particularly the muscles, to receive the full benefits of a massage. Its intelligent massage programs simulate the way humans do massages. You can choose from Relax, Extended, Recover, and Refresh. The multiple options are coupled with heat for the waist and rollers for the feet. Sporting an OPTO sensor device, the chair can determine the user's shoulder position exactly. The item caters to different types of people then.

The roller massage for the feet helps improve blood circulation, immunity, and sleep. Apart from being a recliner and a full-body zero gravity chair, it features the long track function. This is a continuous massage from the back to the thighs, Combined with the foot rollers and heat, this BestMassage chair recliner has the formula for deep relaxation. For its price, it works like a premium product, even better. You cannot expect anything less from the machine that also brings you heat to truly invigorate you. It comes with a remote control to help you adjust the setting. You can switch from light to extreme. You can pick from kneading, knocking, or vibrating shiatsu settings. Lastly, you can also move from a vertical to horizontal position as quickly and quietly as possible.

Who does not want humanized massage hands with 3D intelligent detection capability in their massage chair? And who does not want access to daily massage treatments? If you can have it at home, then you should not just go for any brand. Consider those that are of the caliber of Ideal Massage's shiatsu chair. With this one, you can enjoy an uninterrupted 30-minute massage, depending on your needs. It comes equipped with a 4-wheel driven muted massage hands that can perform 4 auto-programs. These are kneading, shiatsu, spinal rolling, and vibrating. The manual mode allows you to manage the rollers and point it on parts of your body where you need relief. You can also adjust the intensity and speed of the massage, as this machine gives you the full control over your session.

To truly achieve the deep tissue massage and allow the user's body to absorb its full benefits, the chair can be adjusted to the zero gravity position. This lifts the legs to a level higher than the heart's position, making way for greater relaxation. Most worth mentioning is the Ideal Massage shiatsu chair operating an S-track rolling system. Said to be the next-generation track rolling system, it reaches to and relaxes parts of your body better because it follows the body's contour more naturally. Not only that, the maker added the heat function to give the user further comfort. As one of the devices that fall into the affordable category, it acts as a luxury product. At the same time, it looks sharp, not to mention its intelligent features.

Real Relax shiatsu massage chair contains 8 massage points in the backrest, which when working together with other areas provide that complete feeling of relaxation. Spread across the chair are 35 airbags, the shoulder, arm, seat, and leg parts. To enhance the experience, each section also comes with specialized technique. The arm section employs pulsed massage while the leg part has rollers for the soles of the feet. The foot rests can also be extended to cater to taller individuals. The seat of course has air, squeeze, and vibrating functions. Two preset programs are integrated in the chair to provide you with no-fuss control over your machine. Through this full body shiatsu massage chair, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your massage.

And when you sit back on the Real Relax massage chair, you can also bask in the benefits of zero gravity position. The pressure on the arms and legs can hurt, but it is of the good kind. This is because the device has the ability to deliver human-like massage. It is so close to the real thing that you might feel a bit of hair-raising yet satisfying treatment. This machine is easy to assemble, does not take up a lot of space, and can be truly addictive once you get a hold of it. Take note that there are no rollers that track up and down the spine, only rollers for the feet. If you need the former, you have to pay double than how much you got this for.

At first glance, the BestMassage electric full body shiatsu massage recliner already looks impressive. A closer look at its features does not disappoint. Its power rollers produce results that are expected of shiatsu treatment. Fatigue is reduced. The muscles are relaxed. The mind and body are rejuvenated. Stress-relieving 'tsubo points' in the neck are specifically targeted by the massage heads. The legs are also treated to compression and percussion, improving mobility, flexibility, and posture. But what can be its most outstanding feature is the ability of its rollers to reach the end of the coccyx or tailbone. This feature cannot be found in most chairs. There is heat and the foot rest can be extended. There is also a built-in hand massage to treat the body to complete relaxation.

This BestMassage electric full body shiatsu massage is one of the most affordable one out there. And you get what you pay for. It is satisfying though it is not the most sleek. It can be pulled and pushed around, but doing this alone is not recommended during assembly or when you need to rearrange furniture in the room. It can accommodate taller individuals as well. It can be a little stiff. But when the heat is on, you can sit in it and it still is pretty soft and comfortable. It comes in black, brown, and burgundy, matching many types of room and furniture sets.It is effective in reducing pressure and working out knots, just like the real human touch.

The HomCom electric full body shiatsu massage chair appears as an attractive piece of furniture. This is mainly because of its unique contoured design, which actually follows the natural curvature of the body. This feature is great for giving the body the kind of pampering it needs at the end of a long and tiring day. Plus, its orange model is just visually appealing it's like it is inviting you, pulling you toward the chair. Yet, there is another feature deserving a mention. It is the chair's three-speed swing capability. Use this to explore new levels of relaxation. Combine the vibrating motor and airbags that produce different functions to soothe your back, waist, and thighs. All these you get for the most affordable price.

For those who enjoy technology and all things digital, the HomCom shiatsu massage chair is the best in giving you full control. Just use the wired LCD hand remote to choose which setting suits you. You can select from auto, manual, and standby. It comes equipped with speakers that can play music via bluetooth, fm radio, or an mp3 device. But wait, there's more! It has audio interface, headphone jack, and USB charger to boot. There is a room for storing stuff. The footrest is retractable so you can just fold it back and save more space. This massage chair comes with features that will make your full body treatment so pleasurable you'd want to get it every day. And the good thing about it is that you can.

Real Relax offers a full body shiatsu massage with anti-gravity function. While you are reclining on a zero gravity pose, your body will feel weightless, reducing the pressure on the back and feet. Your legs will be higher than your heart level, so you will feel more relaxed. And this pose allows your body to absorb all the good effects of the massage. This shiatsu massage chair is registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a medical device, so you will not have to worry about the machine falling short of what providing you satisfaction. It is a health and wellness solution that you can invest in. And with this device, you can take of your body without breaking the bank.

Negotiating this machine is also pretty much straightforward. The buttons on the remote are easy to figure out, you will find yourself tinkering with it in no time. Reclining all the way through is also possible. The rollers and massage parts underneath are well covered by the soft and very comfortable padding. This is one of the best shiatsu massage chairs in its price range. Real Relax has similar features with the expensive ones. So if you are shopping around with a fixed budget, this is something you should check out. It is a quiet machine that operates two settings: soft and hard. The design matches rooms of many types and sizes. It is space-saving, a breeze to assemble, and superior in its execution of the zero gravity position.

Human Touch impresses us again with the Wholebody 7.1 massage chair. It integrates a technology called Exclusive BodyMap PRO, which enables the chair to target specific parts of your body. Just press where you want to feel better and it will follow suit. The BodyMatch remote can also be used to guide the rollers to target your specific pain points. Such function allows for the deep massage to penetrate down to the core. You get healing from within, and that feeling is the best there is. It is also equipped with a patented Warm Air Technology, which produces lumbar heat that surrounds your entire back. Muscles are relieved from pain and tightness thanks to the warmth. There is also the CirQLation Figure-8 Technology that works tired feet and legs

Human Touch continues to impress with the swivel-based full body massage chair called WholeBody 7.1. With a highly-equipped machine like this, you are bound to hit a learning curve. But that should only take you little. When you get the hang of it, you will start to understand how it works and how you can make it work for you. Talk about having your personal masseuse at home, always available when you need it. It also dishes out some firm therapy that will ensure soothing and renewal of the body. You will feel invigorated once the massage completes one of its settings' cycles.The Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 is good for its price, giving you a rewarding return on investment the more you use it.

Titan Chair's Osaki OS-400 full body massage chair can look imposing. This may be caused by the upgraded PU covering, which brought durability and comfort to the next level. Yet, beyond this is an inviting feel that also implies relaxation. When you try the device, you will get it. The zero gravity function is inspired by the technology that NASA uses. In space, the bodies of the astronauts go on a reclining position in preparation for the zero gravity atmosphere. When you apply that function in a massage chair, the result allows the user to feel weightless, stress-free, and more energized. It is also said to be the position where you can enjoy the full benefits of a massage. And this is what you can experience in the Osaki OS-400.

Titan Chair created this shiatsu massage chair by installing 6 unique auto-programs. You can control the setting through an easy-to-use large LCD display remote. The cycle can be set from 5 to 30 minutes, at 5 different speed and intensity levels. There is a head pillow that can be folded back if you do not wish to use it. You can get a good massage on the neck and shoulders if you do not use the head pillow. The rolling back massage is invigorating alongside the heat feature. Every section of the shiatsu massage chair works really well to improve the condition of the targeted parts. This is true from the feet and calves to the waist, arms, and back to the neck and shoulders.

The Kahuna massage chair is a great unit for beginners or first-time buyers. Its compact design helps save space. Yet, the seat itself is spacious so it can accommodate individuals of many shapes and sizes. It is packed with a powerful system to ensure treatment from the neck to the buttocks. It employs shiatsu style massage nodes, which you can adjust to target areas that need more attention. The full air massage technology works to soothe and renew muscles, organs, and even the mind and body. For a relatively low price, you can purchase a shiatsu massage chair that will match your needs as well as your room interiors. This model comes in red and black, a combination that is elegant and easy on the eyes.

With the Kahuna massage chair, you also get 3D surrounding premium speakers with bluetooth connection and sub-woofer controller. It delivers an entertaining and relaxing treatment. You can play Zen music if you like to accompany the massage cycle. The sound comes off as clean and crisp. It is a breeze to assemble. It is also lightweight, so you can move it around the house according to your mood or preference at the moment. If you are looking for a full body massage equipment, though, this is not it. This is a compact shiatsu style massage chair that comes with entertainment features to ensure your relaxation is just as good as when you are paying for it in a spa. Only you can access that treatment at home, anytime you want.


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