Top 7 Recliner Covers: Quilted, Reversible, Slipcovers

Add some pizzazz to your chair with a variety of recliner covers, such as quilted, leather, reversible, and slipcovers -- the top 7 reviewed in this article.

What You Need to Know

There are many ways to protect your beloved furniture from pets, stains, normal wear and tear, scratches, and so on. One practical way is to purchase a cover that will act as the first layer of defense. If you have a recliner, it is not difficult to find a simple cover and a slipcover. However, as there are many options out there, you might be wading through a sea of information about each product. We are here to simplify that process for you. We have narrowed down the selection to seven. Our list comprises 7 products that are topnotch in quality, price, and style.

These recliner covers and slipcovers are made to prevent your furniture from getting bogged down by daily use. They can also add pizzazz to a rather standard-looking chair. Foremost, we compiled two types: the covers and slipcovers. The main difference between the two is the coverage. The former also typically comes in leather or microfiber quilted design. The latter comes in leather or suede, mainly. We aim to educate our readers about the pros and cons of the things that are available in the market. By reading our review, you will get a grasp of each of the 7 recliner covers.

The Sofa Shield reversible furniture protector stands out from the rest because it features one thing most people look for: elastic straps. Though not recommended for leather recliner, the straps are a thoughtful addition to the product. Slipping is a common user concern, as quilted fabric tends to succumb to gravity. And that your pets or kids can easily grab the protector while playing or whatnot. It is also a great fit for a wide range of furniture styles and recliner chair models. Because it is reversible, you can easily swap colors to catch up with the changing of the season or your personal room theme. Here are the many color duos to choose from: chocolate / beige, black / gray, burgundy / tan, evergreen / red, green / sage, and love dogs.

This Sofa Shield reversible furniture protector is widely popular as it is of good quality, price, and style. Having this combination of excellent characteristics, it blends well with a lot of chairs. It is not that hard to think why it is the cover of choice in a lot of rooms in the United States, Australia, and even the United Kingdom. And since there are available designs from sofa to recliner chair, you can even buy an entire set, play with the colors, and embellish your home. It is easy to tuck and ends up looking neat and fitted. What's not to love? Taking off is just as fuss-free. Vacuum it or wash it cold and dry cool to remove the hair, stains, and spills that it saved your precious furniture from.

If you want that protector that looks snug on your recliner, here is a stretch slipcover from Stretch Sensations. Its form-fitting fabric works with a lot of furniture styles. Made with 96 percent polyester, 4 percent fabric, it is very versatile and will stretch as wide as it can. If you are looking to revitalize the look of an old recliner chair or simply wanting to spruce things up in the room, this one is a great match for you. Not only is it affordable, it also protects your chair from the daily messes of life. It needs a bit of attention to detail during installation, like little pulls and tucks here and there. If you are patient during setup, you will end up with a cover that looks nice and tight.

The Stretch Sensations Crossroads recliner slipcover is impressive once you see the result of your tugging and stretching. The appearance gives off a fabulous, even elegant vibe. It can definitely change the atmosphere in a room once it is on. It comes in cocoa, garnet, and natural colors. These solid colors are very attractive and pleasing to the eye, adding to the relaxation that you can experience while you are sitting on its comfortable fabric. Washing the recliner cover is easy. The product does hold well after laundering. It is an excellent buy for a decent price. Whatever the current condition of your chair is, this recliner slipcover is here to save the day. Overall, it is a great product that we highly recommend for you to purchase.

Check this out: a paisley pattern on one side and a solid color on the other. This is the main attraction to this yet another Collections Etc recliner cover. The seat is 23 inches wide, the back 47 inches high, and the arm 21 inches long. If these are the dimensions you are looking for, then you should use this reversible furniture protector to keep pet hair off your favorite recliner. A Velcro self-adhesive would help to put it in place, and if you want to counter the effects of kitty's playful claws. But the arms and back will not always slip off. Think about having to get such a fabulous cover for a bargain price. We are already drooling for this darling cover from our seats.

Yet, if you want to look further, it may help you to know that the fabric is thick and has a nice quality. It can even freshen up the appearance of a worn-out recliner chair. And, of course, it is there to keep your new furniture, if that is the case, safe from the abuse of pets and little humans, as well as the daily wear and tear. It is easily removable and washable, so you are safe in that area. What is more to love about this Collections Etc recliner cover is that it not only comes in chocolate but also in blue, burgundy, sage, and sand. All in paisley print and solid reversible sides! It also has sizes for loveseats and sofas -- you can purchase an entire set of this and still not break the bank.

This quilted recliner protector remains true to its name. A Sara Ashley creation, it prevents spills and messes on your couch, which can be caused by pets, kids, or yourself -- accidents in the living room can happen. The cover has a long back portion to keep it in place. The filling is high-loft polyester batting, providing you with superior comfort. This furniture protector is reversible, and both the darker and lighter parts are stylish. It blends well with most chair types. Just lay it over and you got it all set up. Now your room just become more visually appealing with this coffee / tan furniture cover. Plus, it makes for easy removal of fur or dirt that might stick onto your cushy recliner chair.

When it comes to cleaning it, you can just vacuum it without too much fuss. It is even more efficient than having to vacuum your couch. Throwing them into the wash will not also affect the quality of the product. And so does exposing them to the abuse of your children and furry companions daily. This Sara Ashley recliner cover holds up. And it adds a touch of elegance to the chair. The only reservation is that your chair should not have overstuffed arms. Otherwise, the protector would not fit well from side to side. And like the other covers, you can always keep it in place with elastic loops. But if it slipping from time to time does not bother you at all, then you are good to go.

Now a slipcover has an added function aside from furniture protection. It can also transform an old recliner chair into a new one! It is like playing dress up with your furniture piece. One option for you is the semi-custom fit solution from Maytex, the Collin stretch 4-piece slipcover. It has elastic corners for easy installation. It has a separate cushion cover to boot. Each part of the cover is also labeled to avoid mix-ups. Just follow the instructions from the box and assembly will be easy peasy. Coming in standard measurements, it has that snug-fit effect on most recliners. And if it is your favorite recliner chair we are talking about, then it is worth protecting and prettifying with this cover. Plus, the cover is so affordable!

Because of the custom-fit design, the Maytex Collin 4-piece slipcover can fit your recliner chair as close to its construction as possible. You may have to do little fixes, but this is essential to achieving that desired good-as-original look. Aside from black, you can also pick from blue, gold, mocha, and moss. All these colors are gorgeous, by the way. The material is soft and comfortable, you will not feel estranged from the coziness that you are used to having with your bare recliner. You may also feel a little warmer when the temperature rises because of the fabric. Yet, when the temperature drops, it provides with that warmth to enjoy snuggling or curling up with a cup of coffee or a good book.

The reversible quilted recliner cover from Collections Etc. comes in one piece. Because you get the flaps for the armrests, backrest, headrest, seat, and the footrest in one go, it is easy to set up. It is a popular product among online buyers, and for a good reason. It holds up well. And its one-piece design caters to a very particular need. The chocolate / tan cover is also reversible, so you can just flip it in case you need a change of scenery or theme in the room. But the most important thing is that it keeps pet hair, spills, and stains off your recliner. And what do you when it has absorbed all the mess of the day? Just throw it in the washing machine.

The price is also good. Collections Etc. is known for making affordable home and lifestyle items. The company crafted a comfortable and reliable recliner cover out of this one. Because of its price, it can also be included in a DIY project for your chair, if you are into that thing. Just use elastic cording or bungees to hold it down as it tends to be slippery. However, you may find that it can also be tucked into the sides of the recliner without much fuss. As mentioned earlier, the product can be machine-washed. Your question might be, 'but what does it look like after laundering?'We assure you that it keeps its shape afterward. It is low-maintenance, really, allowing you to focus on more important things in your life.

Here is an alternative to draping a bed sheet or fluffy towel onto your recliner. The Maytex furniture cover rolls several qualities in one product. It is made of microfiber, which offers warmth to the body. It is also lightly quilted, in charcoal / gray, blending perfectly with most types of chair. It repels fur that comes off pets as well as spills. The cover is easy to put on and take off. In case guests arrive, you can choose to remove it or leave it there. Mainly, you can use it to protect your furniture from stains, spills, and the effects on the upholstery of pets climbing up and down the seat. Rest assured that it holds up well through washing using a stain remover.

The edges of the armrests, the cushions, the upholstery can all be possible scenes of crime -- with the cats and dogs as the usual suspects, of course. You will need a durable recliner cover like this one from Maytex. However, as it does not come with a strap, it might slip from time to time if the user is not careful with it. If you do not mind sewing an elastic onto the back of the product, then you should be fine. This is a nice, sturdy cover with another outstanding factor. The Maytex microfiber quilted cover is reversible. But if you have that elastic thing going on at the back, you have to pick the better side to stick with while you lounge.


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