Top Power Recliners On The Market

We review seven of the best power recliners or lift chairs in the business.

What You Need To Know

Some of our clients come to us with physical issues that require them to keep their feet up as much as possible, or otherwise place their bodies in a certain position so that their blood circulation could improve. The necessity for power recliners, or power lift chairs as they are more often known, is clear for these clients because these not only offer comfort but other features that will make their experience sitting on them a pleasurable one. Some even have built-in massage features that may help continue the massage experience at home, and others are heated for added relaxation.

As therapists, part of what we do is to point people to solutions they can try at home to help enhance the process of healing. These solutions include having the kind of accessories such as power recliners at home. There are benefits to getting such recliners: some may even be covered by insurance where the medical need is clear. But the biggest benefit, or even the first benefit, is relaxation. We trust that these seven relaxing power lift chairs may give you and your clients the comfort they need to stay relaxed at home. We hope this information will provide you and your clients with the tools they need to make a buying decision.

Ever needed a sofa that doubles as a double recliner? Do you want one that has a USB port hidden somewhere? Well, that is one of the convenient features of the Coaster Power Sofa, a sofa and power recliner hybrid that promises to offer comfort and convenience to its users. It is a sofa with two recliner chairs carefully concealed, but when one drops down the central seat to reveal the cupholders, the game is given away and the two power recliners are revealed. The two headrests are mechanically operated so that one can lean back or gain added neck support. There is a pop-up wire management mechanism in the sofa so that one can manage the sofa's wiring without having to tear out the cushions.

Speaking of small conveniences, if you need to charge your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB device, there is a USB port located in the touch controller, among other locations. The device also has hidden LED lights for that quasi-cinematic touch that one might enjoy while watching the latest blockbuster or TV series. Finally, there is additional hidden storage space in the armrests, so that one can hide magazines, papers, or the remote controls for your TV and video devices. We hope that you would consider the Coaster Power Sofa or any of the power recliners and lift chairs we included in this list. We trust that you will find this list useful when considering what power recliner you would like to buy or recommend in the near future.

The difference between the Homelegance Power Lift Recliner Chair and some of the other chairs we have reviewed is that this is a full power recliner, meaning that its reclining mechanism is electrically powered. This makes it possible to control how far one can recline in a more nuanced way than with other manual systems. It is a more affordable two-position chair that can handle up to 300 lbs, which is sufficient for most home users. It can recline to a fully reclined position and back to a position from which one can easily stand up or otherwise sit up straight. It comes in dark brown and has a bonded leather covering that is compatible with any decorated space either in your house or your flat.

Another consideration in choosing a chair such as the Homelegance Power Lift Recliner Chair or any power recliner or lift chair would be the cost. Most of the chairs we have reviewed are two-position chairs, which are generally affordable for most clients. Again, we recommend this for the casual user. Three-position chairs are somewhat more expensive, and these are, again, meant for those who wish to relax or take naps in them--the recline allows for that. With the full flexibility of infinite position chairs comes a premium in price, but if one considers how much time one will spend in that chair especially for medical reasons, it might well be worth the extra investment. Such considerations are stronger when one needs a power recliner for someone with limited mobility.

In common with virtually all the power recliners we have reviewed, this Best Choice Recliner Chair has an eight node, four focus area massage system that covers the upper back, lumbar, thighs, and legs. This system intends to relieve soreness, stiffness, and tiredness, and provides for added relaxation while seated. The massage system also has a heating function that helps with blood circulation while providing some heat during those cold fall or winter months where this is a big help! This particular recliner is your standard two-position chair, meaning that you can conveniently recline the backrest and put up your feet while seated in front of the TV or while reading a book. The chair can swivel up to 360 degrees, so you can turn around and talk to someone without having to lean over too much.

We have not talked in detail about the importance of small comforts in the Best Choice Recliner Chair or in any of the other lift chairs we have reviewed. Such comforts include cup holders. Ever wanted to get up and have a drink from the fridge while worrying that one would miss a moment of that sports event you're watching? Having cup holders saves you some of that time, allowing you not to miss a second. This chair has two on either side, so you do not have to get up too often. Another useful feature, especially for those of us who love storing things, are the four side pockets on this power recliner. These pockets can store the massage controller, magazines, newspaper, or other items that one could easily access from the chair.

The HomCom Heated Recliner Chair features a massage function that focuses on four parts of the body. These are the upper back, lumbar area, thighs, and legs. The massage function is meant to help you or your clients relax and relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. There are five preset massage modes, or you can choose which set of nodes to activate so that you can focus on a particular area for that massage. The chair can rock or spin around, allowing you maximum flexibility of chair movement while seated on it, but spinning such a chair around a full 360 degrees may not be a good idea for some people. The backrest can be adjusted for a good recline, which makes this a two-position chair.

In choosing the HomCom Heated Recliner Chair or any other power recliner or lift chair, one should also consider the space where one intends to use the chair. The most important consideration is, is there enough room to lean back or lie back? This is true when one would want to position a particular chair closer to a wall. We have found that a good recliner, such as this one, could be reclined with as close as three to four inches from the wall for clearance, which is good for tighter spaces. We have also tried the massage mode once when one of us had a stiff shoulder and it helped relieve some of the pain, soreness, and stiffness that came with it. In short, it worked.

There are generic power recliners, and there are power recliners such as this Tangkula Pu Heated Massage Recliner Chair. The chair, which has roughly similar features to #6, also has eight massage nodes that offer relief from muscle pain, tiredness, and stress. These even promises to take you to the highest possible energy level. The massage nodes even have a heating option for added relaxation and comfort. The backrest is adjustable for a full recline, and the footrest can be stretched out for more calming seating. However, these two are operated manually, which also makes this an alternative to the usual power recliner or lift chair that we are featuring here today. The material used here for the seating is polyurethane faux leather, which is somewhat cheaper than the usual leather but still provides a degree of comfort, as we have seen with massage tables.

Choosing the Tangkula Pu Heated Massage Recliner Chair or another power recliner or lift chair means being aware of some considerations that we will go through from time to time. One of these is the lift positions that are available. Two-position chairs, which are the most basic, are often meant for casual users who just need a seat in front of the TV. The two positions are upright and reclined. Three-position chairs can almost lie flat, and are primarily geared toward people who intend to use the chair for napping and relaxing. Finally, infinite position chairs, which are the top of the line in the power recliner market, can recline to a full lying down position and are meant for those who intend to use it for longer periods.

The Recliner Genius Swivel Massage Recliner Chair is a power recliner chair that offers eight modes of massage for your comfort. These eight modes may be accessed using the provided control device. These particular massage modes help build added strength for your back, lumbar area, and your legs. The massage modes are ideal for stiff muscle pain and for other similar ailments, even promising to relieve tiredness and stress! The armrests are adjustable according to your size and level of comfort. Of course, and this is an accessory we've seen in several of the lift chairs we have reviewed, the recliner has two cup holders so that one can conveniently have drinks at hand while having that comforting massage. You can even rock the chair back and forth as you desire it.

The upside of the Recliner Genius Swivel Massage Recliner Chair is that it is a good massage power recliner alternative, with its massage modes working as well as we expected it during tests. The downside, and we say that this is why this is an alternative, is that the recline function is manually operated, which means one has to pull a lever to trigger the backrest reclining and the footrest popping up. This is fine for those who wish an alternative that is not as complicated as other power recliners or lift chairs. It is still a good alternative to the usual power recliner, as the massage function alone makes up for this two-position lift chair's manual controls. (We'll explain what those terms mean in a moment.)

This ProLounge Power Recliner has some features that would allow it to fit any space in the home, especially a corner of a room where a chair like this would offer some privacy. One of these notable features is its wall hugger shape, which allows for four inches of clearance from the wall to recline or lift the chair. It also uses less floor space while reclining, allowing you maximum flexibility to place it anywhere in the home. The wired power control has two control buttons, one to lift the chair, and another to recline it. These easy to use controls allow you to recline or lift the chair according to your level of comfort. The chair allows for a full recline length of up to 68 inches.

The chair's cushions are filled with layers of high density foam, polyester fiber, and independently wrapped spring coils that offer both comfort for the client and support for the various parts of the body leaning on it. There is a full chaise pad between the chair and the footrest so that you can support your legs on it for a fuller relaxing experience. The frame is constructed with laminated hardwood, insulated spring clips, and a steel reclining mechanism that is meant to work well under the limits of its supporting weight. Finally, there is a side pocket on the chair which not only keeps the remote but may also keep other accessories as needed. Such features and more are why we recommend this particular chair.


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