The Best 7 Portable Massage Tables For Sale: Take Them On the Go

We review seven portable massage tables that are the best on the market.

What You Need To Know

Are you planning to become a massage therapist, or are already one but looking for a massage table to use when starting out? There are a lot of varieties on the market, ranging from portable massage tables to stationary massage tables, with such variants as hydraulic or electric massage tables available. We are here to talk about seven of the best massage tables in the market for those wanting to start out, or for professional massage therapists who need the convenience of a good portable table to take on the road if needed. It is a good investment to start with something more affordable and upgrade to a better table much later.

That learning is something we have been taking seriously as massage therapists who have been looking at what is on the market for newcomers. Gone are the days when all you could get on the market were really expensive tables that might be daunting for new therapists. Hopefully, this guide will help you explore the options that are available with regard to portable massage tables and give you a good experience of choosing one that is right for you. More importantly, this list should give you the information you need to make that key decision that would shape your future as a massage therapist.

The Merax Portable Massage Table is the last one we will review today and the second from the same manufacturer. It is made of beech hardwood, a durable material that offers not only strength but a touch of elegance to the massage table. It is 28 inches wide, a width that is useful for most massage therapists, including those who are short enough and who need to reach other parts of the body over the table. Its length is standard for most massage tables at roughly 73 inches. The table has around 1.6 inches of foam padding, which is below the usual 2 or 3 inches we see with most portable massage tables. However, this is offset by the fact that the material provided is dense enough to provide comfort for the client.

The Merax Portable Massage Table comes with a number of accessories to make the massage experience more comfortable. These include an adjustable headrest that adds a bit of length to the table, a hanging arm shelf to keep the client's arms comfortable, side arm extenders that allow for the therapist to adjust clients'bodies when needed with the technique, and even disposable sheets and an oil pouch to store massage oil for the therapist's convenience. With this, we hope once again that you will have found this list of the best massage tables useful and convenient. We trust that this list will provide the kind of information you will need to buy a good massage table and keep on healing others with your skills and knowledge.

Are you looking for another aluminum massage table that is durable and of high quality? Choose the Merax Aluminum Portable Massage Table. There are four key features of this particular portable massage table. First is that it has an aluminum frame that is durable and sturdy. This allows the massage therapist to work with the heaviest clients without experiencing any problems. Second is that it has 2 inches of foam covered with polyurethane faux-leather for clients'comfort and convenience. Thirdly, it is easy to fold and unfold and is lightweight enough to be carried around by massage therapists. Finally, it has an adjustable backrest so it can be used for clients who require to be massaged by a therapist sitting up or for certain kinds of treatments or techniques.

The height of the Merax Aluminum Portable Massage Table can be adjusted according to the height and comfort of the therapist in less than two minutes. To measure the appropriate height for a massage therapist, one friend of ours we approached suggested the following: stand up straight with your arms to the side and with closed fist. Then, measure the distance from the fist to the floor. Add a few inches to the measurement to account for a client's possible body size. The final measurement would determine the appropriate height, which one can adjust using the periscopic push buttons one would find in most standard aluminum massage tables. Consider getting this portable massage table if you are comfortable with a metal-framed table (again, some therapists prefer wood) and are after durable construction and solid workmanship.

Aluminum massage tables are becoming popular among massage therapists who take their practice on the road. It is light and durable, and even if some therapists prefer wood, the workmanship on relatively affordable wooden tables may not differ to a greater extent from those made of aluminum. This is why one alternative for you would be the ExacMe Aluminum Portable Massage Table, a more generic aluminum massage table that promises to deliver what it intends to do at a price you could afford. It has 2 inches of high density foam, like most of the tables we have reviewed here, and it is the longest table on the list, with 77 inches of length, though we may want to note that the face cradle may be responsible for the extra length.

Among the models we have reviewed, this has the highest set of adjustable heights, with at least 23 inches of height and at most 34, which is good for taller therapists. At a width of 28 inches, this table is within industry standards, though the width may be a slight issue for shorter ones. The ExacMe Aluminum Portable Massage Table comes with a detachable arm shelf, face cradle, and arm rests for additional client comfort and relaxation. Generally, the feedback we have on this table is that it can get the job done for the price. We have done a couple of massages on this one and we found it useful enough. So if you are looking for a basic aluminum portable massage table, look this one up.

The BestMassage Portable Massage Table gives you the opportunity, especially if you are starting out, to own a portable massage table that costs you less but gives you the features that you need for a good massage experience for your clients. It is six feet long, without the face cradle attachment, to fit the tallest clients. It has an adjustable height of up to 33 inches to accommodate the needs of different masseuses. It is made of beech timber, a high quality wood that is durable and stable enough to withstand the heaviest weights. The table is ideal for both professionals and students alike, though we particularly recommend it to those who are starting out and want a full-featured massage bed that suits their needs.

One thing attractive about the BestMassage Portable Massage Table is the package of accessories that comes with it. What does the package contain? It comes with a face cradle to give their clients'heads and faces a comfortable time while they are lying on their chests having a massage, a forward arm rest shelf and side arm extenders to help the massage therapist move the client's body around more easily, and a removable and integrated face portal to give clients room to breathe. The portable massage table also has a carrying case so you can put it in and more easily haul your massage table around. These features make this particular massage table one which provides good value for money while serving your clients'needs for healing and relaxation.

Simple and elegant, the Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table does not feature any of the accoutrements such as head pillows, winged armrests, and other such attachments, which one may need to buy on one's own. This is definitely a massage table for the beginner. It measures around 72 inches long and 28 inches wide, with an adjustable height ranging from 23 inches to 33 inches. This means it can still fit the tallest clients and allow room for the masseuse to maneuver around. The massage deck itself is oil and water resistant, which means that it can withstand whatever one puts on a body during the massage process. The stitching is durable, which means that the fabric on the deck would not easily tear as time wears on.

Choosing a basic portable massage table like the Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table is good for two reasons: first, at the very least you may not need all those accessories or you could buy them separately when your business expands. Secondly, having a good basic portable massage table gives you a chance to continue practicing the techniques you learned during training on a basic table, which would help your clients heal better and faster with your skills and knowledge. Again, you may not need, say, armrests or an arm sling until much later, when you can upgrade to a portable or stationary massage table that has all these features and more. That is why getting this portable massage table is a good idea and worth your time and money.

Practitioners of the Japanese alternative medicine school of Reiki know that the key to a good energy flow is in the way the techniques used in healing are executed. To help people along, the folks at BestMassage have come up with the BestMassage Reiki Portable Table to make it possible to get the techniques right. Made with two inches of high density foam on the table for clients'comfort, the portable massage table is long and wide enough to suit your needs and those of your clients. The frame is made with birch for strength and durability. It comes with a free carrying case so you can take it with you very easily. It can support up to 450 pounds, which allows you to massage even the heaviest clients while supporting your weight too.

One thing to consider when choosing a table such as the BestMassage Reiki Portable Table is the foam's thickness. Most high end models would have a foam thickness of 3 inches or even more, but while the foam on this one is less than 3 inches, it would still be adequate for client comfort. More important is the material used to cover the foam. The closest one would have to real leather would be tables that use something like polyurethane covering. Our clients have used tables with this kind of covering and they have found that to be as comfortable as real leather. It definitely costs less too. Polyurethane is now the industry standard for table covers one can find on affordable portable massage tables because of the comfort it offers.

The Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table is the first of the tables we want to speak about, and it is a long portable massage table, with 84 inches big enough to accommodate the tallest clients and offer you room to maneuver for certain techniques. It has support cables to reinforce and support the table, made from the same material as those used in automotive brake construction. It has an arm sling under the headrest and winged armrests, so one can adjust client's positions during the massage as needed. It can support up to 450 pounds of weight so that you and possibly the heaviest client can be supported. The table top features exactly two inches of foam and is protected by a layer of polyurethane synthetic leather which is vegan-friendly and more comfortable than the PVC used in other cheaper tables.

One feature we like about the Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table are the table legs. The legs feature non-slip, non-marring feet that will protect your floors, especially hardwood and tiled ones, from any damage. This is a good thing to protect your client's floors, especially when the intensity of the technique inevitably means you will see the table moving around a bit, or applying pressure on the floor. The challenge for a portable massage table owner is to have a table that keeps clients satisfied, and the little things, such as leaving little marks on the floor, may peeve off clients who are starting out. In any case, this massage table has other accessories, such as a face pillow with 3 inches of foam and a removable cover through which clients can insert their faces.


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