7 of The Best Portable Masssage Chairs Available

We review six portable massage chairs for your practice.

What You Need To Know

Chair massages are a big thing these days. Whether it is at the airport where people are awaiting flights, or at office parties and events, having a good portable massage chair is a vital accessory. Take your chair massage practice with you with these six portable massage chairs. What these all have in common are durability and reliability, the capacity to support different weights, and the ability to make both you and your clients enjoy the chair massage experience wherever you go. Choosing any of these chairs is worth the investment you need to make to enhance your practice and make you the best therapist around.

As massage therapists in search of better portable massage chairs, we find it essential to consider how these chairs enhance our practice. These chairs enhance our practice by providing portability so that clients can experience the thrill of a short ten to fifteen minute chair massage that relieves stress and the other tensions of work, travel, or other things that bother them. The key to finding a good massage chair is something we will revisit throughout this list when we could, because we believe you deserve the information you need to make the right choice for a portable massage chair.

This is one of the lightest chairs we are reviewing, at only 15.2 pounds. The frame of the Master Massage Professional Massage Chair is this light because it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, a material that allows you to carry this portable massage chair around to any location you choose to have your chair massage sessions. The frame, though, can support up to 650 pounds, which covers even the heaviest clients. It has two inches of multi-layer small cell foam, which is much denser, the manufacturer claims, than the normal foam one sees in other massage chairs. It is upholstered with polyurethane, which protects the chair from oil or other stains (though more often than not, we do not use oil in our chair massage practice).

Having the Master Massage Professional Massage Chair in your massage therapy arsenal is also good because it is most likely to last, with its powder coating guaranteed to prevent nicks and scratches that might reduce the overall durability of the massage chair. It is adjustable enough to accommodate even the tallest clients, from the headrest down to the frame. Like any good portable massage chair, it allows clients to store valuable such as watches, jewelry, or glasses in a little accessory pouch that is attached to the armrest. Keeping such valuables inside is valuable because wearing these during massage therapy can be inconvenient not only for the masseuse but also for the client. These features, and more, are why we recommend this chair to other therapists.

The second edition of this popular portable massage chair, the Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair was co-designed by David Palmer, considered the father of contemporary chair massage. It is definitely a must-have for professionals, students, and sports therapists who need a good solid chair out in the field. Weighing at just around 19 pounds, the chair can easily be transported through its offset wheels and comes with a convenient carrying bag. The chair can be used with people with heights ranging from 4 feet, 6 inches to 6 feet, 6 inches, making this flexible enough to accommodate all sorts of clients. One feature which we particularly want to note is that it comes with a sternum pad to support the client's weight on the chair through the sternum.

The Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair also has telescoping legs. This feature allows massage therapists to adjust the chair with a few button pushes in order to make the height of the chair match theirs. The portable massage chair can support a weight of up to 1200 pounds with a 600 pound working weight. The chair's different parts, including the seat, can easily be adjusted in just one step. This allows the therapist to make the necessary adjustments to a client's posture without having to waste too much time or energy. The seat, as mentioned, could be adjusted for leg, foot, or anterior torso work with ease. Finally, like most standard massage chairs, there is an accessory bag that can be found within the armrest, where one can put jewelry and other valuables while being massaged.

Like #6 above, the Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair is equipped with features unique to this particular massage chair manufacturer. The chair has multi-layer small cell foam, which as we found is definitely denser than regular foam. It still promises to offer comfort to clients while providing a good point of resistance for our massage techniques. The polyurethane upholstery is oil- and waterproof, protecting the underlying foam from liquid damage, and is backed by denim-like reinforcement for extra protection as well. The face cradle of this portable massage chair can be adjusted six ways, so it can fit the needs of clients of different heights and sizes. When we tried this chair, we found that the adjustment mechanism was simple enough that it took us no time to adjust the face cradle to one of our taller clients.

The lightness of the Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair, like others in the Master Massage line, can be attributed to the frame. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is light and sturdy. The frame has a working weight of 500 pounds, which makes it suitable for both lighter and heavier clients and therapists, and can easily be adjusted to accommodate different client sizes. It is coated with an electrostatic powder coating to keep it as good as new. Accessories that come with this particular portable massage chair include a convenient carrying bag to protect the chair during transport, a pillow that is made from the same multi-layer small cell foam as the chair itself, and an accessory bag that can be attached to protect small valuables.

The Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair is meant to be one of the, if not the lightest, lighter portable massage chairs on the market. It weighs in at under 15 pounds, which means it can be easily carried by the therapist from one location to another without any difficulty. Its has a unique oval tube design which adds strength to the chair by balancing out the portable massage chair's weight. It is made of aircraft aluminum, like a number of chairs here, which adds to the lightness while promising durability and strength. When we tried this chair, we found that the chair, though deceptively light, actually was quite strong and durable enough for us, and was able to accommodate a client who was a little heavier than usual.

A proprietary upholstery system for the Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair promises to be soft, which we can indeed confirm, while being durable. Beneath the upholstery, there is a two-layer foam system which offers sufficient cushioning for the clients'body for added comfort. The chair can be adjusted at several points to accommodate clients of different sizes and shapes, which allows for maximum flexibility and more clients for the therapist. However, it has a maximum working weight of 300 pounds, which is one of the smallest among those we have reviewed. We recommend it for therapists who need a good portable massage chair with which to start out, because of its lightness and durability, but which can accommodate clients that they wish to practice their healing touch upon.

There are generic portable massage chairs on the market that can save you a lot of money especially if you are starting out. If you are in search of one, why not try the BestMassage Portable Massage Chair? It comes in basic black and, like all other portable massage chairs, comes with a convenient carrying bag and other accessories. The headrest, armrest, and other parts of the chair can be adjusted to suit your clients'sizes and shapes. It has a maximum working weight of 300 pounds and can support static weights of up to 700 pounds, thus making it ideal for working with different client weights. Its upholstery is made with polyurethane, which is as close to soft leather as you can get without being terribly pricey. It promises to add comfort for your clients'massage experience.

When buying portable massage chairs such as the BestMassage Portable Massage Chair, one must consider several factors. One of these is lots of padding. Clients may feel uncomfortable being put into unusual positions while being massaged on a chair, so it is important for a portable massage chair to have plenty of padding to support the client's body and also to provide them some degree of comfort while they are being massaged. This particular massage chair, we have found, has one advantage in that regard, because it has four inches of foam. It is thicker than any of the others we have reviewed, and we think this is ideal for those looking for a massage chair that meets that criterion of having plenty of padding.

The unique design of the Pisces Pro Dolphin II Massage Chair is what stood out for us. Unlike other massage chairs, which resemble most normal seats but with some modifications, this portable massage chair is shaped round, with the armrest, leg rest, and face cradle mounted on different parts of an arc. There are a number of reasons for this design, the manufacturer claims. One of these is that the client's lower back can more easily be reached by the therapist, allowing for a more comprehensive massage. Another is that the client can assume a more natural posture while on the chair, because the chair's arc-shaped frame swings back and forth to give the therapist a chance to reach different parts of the client's body.

Adjustability is one other factor to consider when purchasing a portable massage chair such as the Pisces Pro Dolphin II Massage Chair. It allows you to accommodate as many clients as possible, from the shortest to the tallest, without having to worry about whether the chair can fit them. Parts that are often adjusted include the face cradle, the armrest, and the leg rests, and the chest pad can be adjusted as well. One thing to consider is the ease of adjustment, which is essential when you are handling several clients at a time, for instance, at an event. You may want to consider such things when buying a portable massage chair, and we hope you have had the chance to peruse what we have to offer.


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