2017 Guide: Best Portable Mobile Massage Chair Reviews

Massage therapy has become popular among independent practitioners. If you're one of them, our top portable mobile massage reviews may be of help to you.

Know Before You Buy

Whether it is for business, training, or personal use, a portable mobile massage chair is an investment that is worth thinking through. While Google yields millions of results when you search for one, the sheer volume of information presented can be intimidating. So, it is important that you have an idea of what you want before you dig deeper. A lot of these products have similar features. All of them will also claim to provide you with advantages and benefits. We already have browsed reviews and user recommendations to summarize the features, benefits, and other important details so you won't have to.

If you read through our portable mobile massage chair reviews, you will find 7 of the best choices in the market. These have been raved about or criticized by legitimate online purchasers. As we compile more and more of people's feedback, our understanding is that no product is perfect. This means, one can meet your expectations provided those expectations are adjusted to a few metrics, e.g. purpose and price. The ideal product does exist, and yet, it takes diligent searching to find. We'd to make the task easy for you and hear about how you found the massage chair that's right for you through us.

Pisces Productions crafted a massage chair that combines function and form. Its design allows access to the lower back, which is an important target point. Without having to hold postural muscles, the clients feel more relaxed and steady in this chair. The Pro Dolphin II can be changed to several positions in order to fit in small to large individuals. Aside from being sturdy, the powder-coated aluminum frame is chip-resistant and easy to clean. This allows you to keep the device for a long time. You can rely on it to attract new clients and retain old ones. Its aesthetics also do not disappoint. This sleek, innovative product is a chair to lean on, literally and figuratively, for yourself and your clients alike.

The Dolphin chair is exceptional in that it allows an almost-horizontal positioning. Though some clients will find it difficult to rest their arms in this position, it is a possibility you can explore for those who are comfortable with it. The traditional chair position is always a favorable option, of course, and you can maximize its potential of getting the body to go deeper. If chair massage is your bread and butter, then this is an investment that you will not regret. It is fairly easy for clients, old or young, to get on and off the equipment. And as they lean on it, they can simply relax more deeply, enjoying the benefits of the massage you offer. The Pisces Productions Pro Dolphin II is a chair that works hard, just like you.

With a working weight of 300 pbs, the BestMassage portable massage chair is not just for purely massage therapists alone. It can be used in salons for you to offer auxiliary massage sessions to customers. It comes in handy during promo events as well. Even individuals who are fresh out of school can find this a dependable companion to building their reputation and client base. It is also great for conducting corporate massage events. The 4-inch thick foam provides the chair with a plush character that sets the mood for your clients. The face cradle can be adjusted according to your clients'needs and preferences, and as you deem necessary. Assembly is a breeze, requiring no tools at all. Transporting it is a no-brainer.

The BestMassage portable massage chair is a high-quality product that comes at a crazy affordable price. It is lightweight and solid, a steal for the price. Specifically, it is an excellent choice for the beginners. Yet, it is also a great addition to a pro's tool. After the quick setup, it stays put and lets you finish the task without fuss. Those who are getting this for recovery or wellness efforts at home will also find the ROI rewarding. If you are looking into health care solutions, this should be on your list. This also makes a perfect gift for anyone you care about. With this chair, comfort and convenience are something to look forward to in every session. It is a reliable partner for students and experts.

Designed with an innovative oval tube, aircraft-grade aluminum frame, the EarthLite Vortex massage chair lives up to its name. Think about it as a swirling vortex of the good kind, enveloping clients into a relaxing treatment. Superior quality is a must-find in a professional massage chair. And according to EarthLite, the manufacturer, this product is going to take your practice to places -- literally and figuratively. It is wide and comfy, accommodating clients from petite to tall. It lets you get the job done. With painless adjustments, you can attend to the wellness of your clients. Not too heavy yet also not too light, it strikes a perfect balance for those who are on the go or staying in one place to offer their service.

One more advantage of getting EarthLite is its delivery in one package. The chair comes with a soft carrying case and a sternum pad. You can enhance and protect your chair at the same time using these items. With the Vortex massage chair, you get value for the money. If you are purchasing it for personal use, it may be a little more expensive investment for you. Still, you can focus on the benefits, as this will give you the comfort needed for your wellness or recovery. Also, it will last you years. If you are purchasing this for a practice, then you are about to discover a product that already paid for itself. It is easy to pack and unpack. It is very dependable during chair events and beyond.

Specially constructed for the mobile students and professionals, the Master Massage Bedford mobile massage chair fits its purpose. It can be easily transported from office to clients'houses, from the mall back to the office, or from your house to an outdoor venue. Built from aircraft-grade steel frame, it has a working weight of 500 lbs. Sturdy and stable, it can accommodate different client types and sizes. As a prominent feature in Master Massage chairs, the multi-layer small cell foam is engineered to be more dense that most normal types of foam. This cushion can put anyone at ease, thereby enhancing the massage experience. The frame is electrostatically powder coated to prevent the chair from wearing out so that it still looks brand new after many years.

From light to heavy use, the Master Massage Bedford portable massage chair serves you well in a lot of settings. If you are buying for the first time and having apprehensions, you can always go for the background of the manufacturer. As a product from a trusted brand, the performance is something to desire once you get the hang of it. And you will need a top performer to drum up business. Among the factors that can help you boost your marketing, the uncomplicated adjustments that are built into the chair is a top consideration. It is effortless to adjust the Bedford chair while you are using it, and this is a definite win for someone who is looking to gain the trust of new clients.

DevLon NorthWest knows how to blend features that yield style and satisfaction in one amazing product. Designed for massage therapists on the go, it can be assembled in seconds without bringing out any tool. Those who are training as practitioners can also take advantage of this as a starter or backup chair, mainly because of the price. Portable and lightweight, it is a breeze to lug this around. The frame is made to withstand daily wear and tear. The surface is ultra-soft and made of polyurethane material. The chair is unabashedly comfortable and durable at three inches thick. Its parts can be adjusted in a snap. The package includes a face cushion, a face cradle, an arm rest, and a carrying case with wheels.

Aside from the chair, DevLon Northwest is also known for selling massage chair sheet sets. It is one of the very few manufacturers that create this accompanying product. The elastic-fitted, deluxe flannel 6-piece sheet set from the brand guarantees a good fit. As it is inexpensive, you can buy as many sets as you need -- or want! The product ensures protection over your massage chair. It prolongs the life of your chair by preventing spills, scratches, and nicks. It also boosts comfort and relaxation as it is soft to the touch. When it comes to cleaning, the 6-piece sheet set can simply be thrown into the washer. It is low maintenance, affordable, and stylish. It definitely adds an oomph to any portable and even stationary massage chair.

Delivered straight from the warehouse of StrongLite to your house, the Ergo Pro portable massage chair is an excellent product through and through. It claims to be the chair that is loved by no other than David Palmer, the father of contemporary chair massage and founder of TouchPro. Mr. Palmer said it himself that 'after training over 11,000 practitioners we know massage chairs and the Ergo Pro II is our exclusive choice!" It is, indeed, a perfect match for students and professionals alike. Its ergonomic design promotes proper alignment and superior comfort. Well-structured, of high quality, and has a working weight of 600 pounds, it is able to support clients of many sizes. It has wheels that make it so much easier to move it around.

The Ergo Pro by StrongLite is worth every cent, according to legit buyers from Amazon. It can be found in a professional therapist's office as well as in the outdoor event of someone who is just starting out. Its one-step adjustable feature wins a lot of hearts as it is easy to manage, making way for a no-fuss massage treatment. The face rest, arm support, and chest pad are quickly adjusted for versatile positioning. To enhance the experience, the chair brandishes rounded pads. The semi-gloss silver aluminum frame assures you that you have a sturdy, stable, and durable companion in this chair. Again, this is a great choice if comfort in style is your thing. It comes in royal blue, burgundy, teal, or black SatinTouch upholstery, which is soft and leather-like.

This mobile massage chair from Master Massage gets 5 stars for portability alone. It is lightweight at 15.2 pounds, allowing you to carry the unit to different places. It works well both indoors and outdoors. If you are starting out in your chair massage service, this is a recommended product by persons who have done the same. Leverage its portability and effectiveness by conducting mini-treatments to promote your business. Marketing would be less stressful if you have a well-built chair to rely on. And this one is fitted and has side bolsters to keep it in place. It is comfortable and adjustable, plus it can carry up to 300 lbs. No problem letting someone who is, say, 6'200 pounds sit on it.

Excellent for professional and personal use, this Master Massage creation is tremendously strong. Made generally of aircraft aluminum, the frame does not break down after a month or two of continuous use. It is also electrostatically powder coated, which prevents rust, nicks, and scratches. The chair sports a two-inch multi-layer small cell foam, with higher density than the typical foam, that ensures comfort. This feature also signifies sturdiness and durability, as the material is waterproof and CFC-free. Aside from the main benefits, you also get accessories such as a functional carrying case, luggage style, as well as a six-way adjustable face cradle, a maximum comfort memory foam-layered pillow, and a session pouch for storage of eyeglasses and jewelry. For an affordable price, you get functionality and convenience in one package.


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