Best Massage Table Carrying Carts

Having a hard time choosing from the massage table carrying carts out there? Here's a quick guide to help make your decision-making far less difficult.

A Quick Guide

If there is a mistake new massage therapists can avoid, it is the irony of having their body suffer while helping others heal theirs. If you are offering a mobile or outcall massage service, transporting the massage table can be a bit of work. Of course, the table has to be sturdy and of high quality, and carrying that weight to and from your base can be strenuous. You need to invest in a good cart that will help to lift the burden off your shoulders. And you must look for the product that also fits several other criteria.

In choosing from the array of massage table carrying carts in the market, you have to consider the brand, the quality, and the price. A stable table is a good investment for your health care work, and so is a sturdy cart. In this article, we listed three products we have tested. Our reviews are based from experience. We also back our claims with testimonies from other users. Our main thrust is to provide you with the right information so that you can invest in a good carrier -- one that can last your entire career perhaps. We'll toss in information about discounts, too! Read on to find out more.

Our top product is also a skate-type massage table carrying cart. This time, it is from Royal Massage. Its hardwood construction ensures you that the plate won't break under pressure. It is convenient for carrying specific massage tables: the 27-, 28, 29, 30-, and 32-inch thick ones. The straps secure your table in place, which by the way does not have to be sealed in a case prior to transport. The skate cart comes with quick-release buckles for optimal speed in taking the table off it. In the same way, the buckles also allow easy setup especially when you are in between appointments. Just like the other two options, this comes with more than 50% off if purchased online.

The Royal Massage skate cart is also a stylish accessory. But it is the wheels that really stand out when in use. These are really rugged, which means they can be rolled over flat surfaces without having to worry about wear and tear for a time. The best thing about this product is that you need not unload the massage table when storing your equipment in the trunk. Just keep the table strapped to the carrier. It is the least bulky of the options that have been presented to you in this article. The casters are really helpful, with two free-moving front wheels and two fixed back wheels for optimal maneuvering. The Royal Massage skate cart combines high-quality, affordability, and reliability -- both product and brand -- which means it satisfies all the considerations we have to make. It's time to order online now.

This dynamic, smart massage table cart is a creation of Mt Massage Tables. It is brand agnostic. You can use it to lug any type of massage table. Unlike the typical carrier, it does away with the handles. What it retains are the straps and wheels. It features two double-stitched straps that can be adjusted according to the size of the table. It also boasts of two sets of wheels, one of which can be easily maneuvered. What we love the most about this product is its extra-durable maple plate. It can handle a heavy massage table, giving you the alternative to lessen the burden by not carrying the entire thing on your shoulder. We stand by what we said that house calls should not cause you to suffer.

Professionals and beginners on the go should not wait too long before deciding to invest in a table cart such as this Mt Massage Tables creation. The sleek design allows you to glide while pulling your massage table. This function is made possible by the four castors that are easy to maneuver. It also fits easily into the trunk. This makes it a wonderful practical accessory to pair with your massage table. It does the job particularly well on flat surfaces. Obviously, the EasyGo massage table carrier is easy to set up and use. It is also a good deal given its price tag. When it comes to design and functionality, this one is a clear winner.

The universal cart from Master Massage fits any massage table brand. There is not much to do upon delivery but to set it up for work. And by set up, we mean no assembly. Just load the table onto the carrier and voila, you're good to go! The product is portable and lightweight, so it will be easy for you to pull it. It can be folded down for compact storage in your car's trunk. And your vehicle does not have to be an SUV, as this was designed to take up negligible space. Because of the carrying cart, you won't have to worry about getting late for an appointment. It helps you to move around easily, preventing you from feeling and looking beat up.

You can also notice the L-shape parts that make up the handle and the section adjacent to the wheels. The Master Massage universal massage table cart, by the way, only has two wheels at the back. Before you can start pulling it, you have to let the weight rest on the wheels and the cart leaning about 15 degrees toward you and the ground. The L-shape parts at the rear allow you to do this without hassle. There's also no need to strap your table if it's about 2-inch thick. Tables greater in size fit well into the cart's frame. For smaller tables, you might need to use a strap to hold them in during those times you have to take the stairs. Otherwise, this carrier works fuss-free and comes in an affordable rate.


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