What's Not to Love? Top Loveseat Recliners of 2017

Strength trumps style. But in the case of these top loveseat recliners, both go hand in hand -- and they shall carry you through the year/s to come.

Short List of the Season

The Holiday Season is upon us. As prices go down like crazy, it is the perfect time to purchase the loveseat you have been eyeing since April. But wait. How about the other options within the same price range that suddenly became available? And what if you buy now and a new, better model appears in the 2017 catalog? You may be paralyzed by your choices right now, but we are here to help pull you out of indecision. First, we listed models that can last you years. Second, we considered those that won't go out of style for all seasons.

So we present to you our top loveseat recliners of 2017...and beyond. We believe that a living room must have a reliable loveseat no matter the situation -- whether you are married, shacked-up, or single. And you need one that puts the chill in 'Netflix and chill'. With the wide selections that have mushroomed in time for the holidays, you can turn to our guide to find the one that fits your needs. We assessed the best brands so that you won't have to go through the painful process of sorting through the Google info dump. We know you have better uses of your time than that. So, here's our list. Happy reading!

Saving the best for last, this Simmons Upholstery creation has the features and functions you'd need and want from a loveseat. It is well-built and fashionably-designed. Its frame is made of hardwood, supporting the sinuous wire springs and high-density foam seat cushions that give you that soft, plush comfort. The bonded leather cover, in miracle pearl no less, adds the buttery touch so you can enjoy sitting, napping, or sleeping all the way in the loveseat. The recline function is handle-activated for faster access. And to maximize your R&R, there beautyrest pocketed coils inside the seat cushions. This one comes with a console and two cup holders, so you can enjoy the movie as if you are in a real, modern cinema.

The miracle pearl loveseat recliner fits most rec rooms perfectly because of its light color. It also enhances them with its stylish design: the padded barrel arms, pub back, and detail stitching stand out. The fully-padded chaise allows for superior comfort. The console has two USB slots and two 110-volt outlets so you can take control over your gadgets and devices without having to get out of your comfort zone. Simmons Upholstery is known for its high-quality loveseats that it is not surprising that this model is a reflection of the company's workmanship. Not too expensive but not leaning toward cheap either, this double motion loveseat is an investment that you can make for your home. With proper care and maintenance, you are sure to spend years and years sitting in this one, or maybe dozing off.

This piece from Clay Madison is an eye-catcher and head-turner. Its stitch detailing speaks of elegance and excellence. But not only that, the overall look of the loveseat is inviting, as if you can just sink into it and disappear into an overwhelming softness. You might find out that this is not an exaggeration. This loveseat has heated seats, providing warmth to the body which in turn eases one into a deep, refreshing sleep. Aside from this feature, it also boasts of three head-to-toe recliner positions. You can lay at an angle you want on every seating component, from the headrest to the footrest. And you can place the recliner very near the wall without it needing a lot of negotiations when switched to recline. What's not to love, right?

The price can set you back by several tens of dollars shy from a thousand. But if you are committed to looking for the best brand out there, this one definitely is worth your consideration. It's meant to furnish upscale home theaters. It has an ambient white base lighting that supplies just the right illumination, alongside the lit cup holders. This dynamic allows you to go deep into the film's story and forget where you are at the moment. The Clay Madison loveseat provides ultimate comfort to you and your companion. As elegant as it looks, it is not that complicated to assemble. If you don't want to settle on an inferior product, you'll have to check this one out and be willing to pay the price.

This model from Homelegance is similar to the brown bonded leather one discussed in the previous point. The main and obvious different is their color and make. This double reclining loveseat uses brown textured plush microfiber. It has lever action release mechanism that allows for no-fuss operation. The optional corner wedge can also transform the loveseat into a luxurious sectional, if you are feeling a little adventurous. The seats, as well as the armrests and headrests, are super soft, providing extreme comfort to the user. Aside from replicating the cinematic feel, it also makes catnapping cozy. For something that is priced in the middle, between top of the line and cheap ones, it is beautiful, nice, and sturdy enough to compete with other brands and products.

It also lasts for years, as expected from Homelegance recliners. Even with kids and pets in the house, you will not have to worry with rips and tears. The materials are of good quality, strong enough to withstand the attacks and abuse. Though we advise declawing your canines or felines and monitoring children's play from time to time. The recliner lays down flat and retracts fast. It is spring-loaded but the seats are not too deep. Sitting in it can keep you warm due to the microfiber make. The texture is just right for those who want to try something different from the leathery, buttery feel of the other model. This loveseat is worth every dollar you'll spend, and you will not shell out that much to begin with.

Rediscover your comfort zone through the Homelegance double reclining loveseat. A gentle pull is all it takes to get there, made possible by the reliable release mechanism of the chair. The brown tufted bonded leather is plush and cozy. To complete the offering, the recliner also comes with overstuffed arms, seats, and backs. As one of the brands that belong in the middle range of prices, it is popular among buyers. It is big enough to accommodate someone as tall as 6' up. The construction is definitely strong and so the loveseat can stay strong for a long time. A decade can pass, and it will still bring about the comfort and relaxing effect that it has on you today. Now that's what you call a good deal.

Not the type where we can say bigger people can sink in, but this chair has depth that will not be an issue either. The extreme comfort that it produces is due to its design. The Homelegance double reclining loveseat provides lumbar support. So if you are chronic back pain sufferer, or simply enduring a body ache at the moment, this is the model to check out. It can even compete with more high-end models in terms of comfort levels. Soft and durable, it can even be a contender in terms of longevity. It goes well in the living room, game room, or home theater. The color and style can also blend well in many interior types. This is an awesome loveseat recliner, really.

Extreme comfort that can be bought for a decent price is what this loveseat recliner from Divano Roma Furniture offers. The two-seater model, as well as its one-seater and three-seater ones, is overstuffed and upholstered with high-density foam to ensure extreme comfort is achieved. The bonded leather is sturdy, preventing ripping and wearing. 'Kick back, relax, and watch a movie' proves to be easy because of the reclining mechanism that makes use of a lever on the side. Even a kid can recline in it without having a hard time. It is also just as easy to assemble, as the recliner arrives with its parts detached. Setup takes about a couple of minutes. Since it's heavy, this should be moved by strong guys to the room.

The Divano Romano Furniture bonded leather recliner is not only meant for comfort. It is also firm, striking a balance between comfort and support for your body. The size of the couch is perfect for tall and heavy individuals. Someone taller from 6'up, however, may not be able to maximize the comfort that it provides. But large pets can jump in, and the two-seater is sure to be able to take in the stress. This recliner is not limited to the entertainment room, as it can also work as a sofa in the living room. It is comfortable, sturdy, and also affordable. For its price, the recliner delivers above expectations. So think about it, as the opportunity is too good to pass up.

If you want to dunk your fingers into popcorn bowls and slurp soda in large cups while bingeing on Netflix, you might need more than just a pretty chair. How about a well-built, practically-designed loveseat recliner for the rec room? Flash Furniture just has the thing you are looking for. The two-pushback recliner looks like contemporary theater seats, with a storage console that features two cup holders to boot. Aside from simulating the cinema experience, the loveseat is able to do multi-recline positions. And the huge plus is that it can fit really tall people. If you're around 6'you're still in. With its soft, plush cushion, you will feel like you're floating on clouds. Just don't fall asleep in the middle of a movie.

The pushback recliner is easy to put together, though its weight might set you back a little. It is better to have the delivery guys take it where exactly you want it to be. It is cheaper than most of its kind, too, yet the quality is commendable. Flash Furniture meant business when it promised comfort. The bonded leather is cozy and impressive, not too thin though not too abuse-proof like leather as well. It has this buttery feel, according to some users. For those who are suffering from back injuries, this recliner also provides ample support to the body. While the practical benefits are present, the aesthetic touch is not lost. The black / espresso brown recliner is a beautiful piece to place at home.

This loveseat from Monarch Specialities possesses that contemporary feel. It is not just a good fit in a modern living room; it can turn into the best complementary piece in your home theater. Designed as theater seats, they come in modular compact size so it is easy to move or arrange them around the room. As they arrive in two separate pieces, you'll have to do a little setting up by yourself. Once assembled, it can seat two people with both parts reclining for complete relaxation. The ivory bonded leather adds comfort to your movie marathon or game night. It also gives off that serene vibe that transports you into a professional home theater or cinema -- or probably another dimension, just the right complement to those sci-fi flicks you have on the flat screen.

Aside from such cool upholstery, it has a slew of features that Monarch Specialties included to ensure your R&R is complete. Both headrests and armrests are generously padded, providing support for cuddling up, sitting up while reading or watching, or simply sinking in to relax after a long, tiring day. The lumbar support and pocket coil seating spoil the body. Plus, it is a sight to behold. The stitch detailing is a lovely, modern touch. The ivory loveseat recliner also offers a contrast to a room that contains black gadgets and accessories. Or it can blend into a monochrome or minimalistic set. Buying this is like buying the full package, from functionality to aesthetics. Though it does not come cheap, it is worth investing every dollar into it.


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