Top Lane Recliners That You Have Been Looking For

We review the top Lane recliners for your home.

Snuggler Recliners Make Things Great

How do you relax after a long day at the office, or going out shopping? Would it be nice to come home to a comfortable snuggler recliner such as one manufactured by Lane Furniture? These comfortable chairs are built to last with high-end lumber frames and at least nine-gauge steel in all their models to offer optimum body support. As we will highlight later, Lane recliners are well known for other features that make comfort possible for their clients. These features make buying a Lane recliner something for a homeowner to seriously consider getting for their living room or other space.

Over the years, we have been thinking of recliners for clients to consider, and for those who want durability without the high cost, there are some Lane recliners we have in mind. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and some come with massage and heating options for an extra cost. We believe a comfortable chair enhances the massage experience because it helps reduce the kind of strain on one's body that we all aim to get rid of. We hope this list will help you make an informed choice on what kind of Lane recliner to purchase.

We only have one power recliner to review on this list, and it is the Lane Revive Power Recliner. That is, of course, if you do not count the power recliner option for the recliner we recommended in number #5 above. There are two main features we would like to highlight about this power recliner. The first is that it is, of course, a power recliner. This means that it would be easy to operate the recliner's mechanism with the push of a few buttons, both to recline the seat and to move the seat's footrest. You do not have to worry about precisely how you want to recline or how high you want your legs to rest while maneuvering a handle or a lever.

The second feature of the Lane Revive Power Recliner, which we mentioned a bit about in reviewing our first Lane recliner, is the leg-over-chaise feature, which means that the upholstery is continuous throughout the seat. This means you would not feel, as with other recliners, that there is a gap between your chair and the footrest. This is for added comfort, of course. One last feature which we almost failed to mention is the proprietary mechanism that reduces strain throughout one's body while seated on the chair, thus making the experience of sitting on this chair a wonderful one. We hope you've enjoyed going through this list of the best Lane recliners. We trust that this information will make you aware of the various options available in buying such recliners for your home.

Ever wondered why we recommended this simple recliner, one which has all the durability and reliability you have come to expect from Lane Furniture's multiple recliner lines? We have the answer for you. With the Lane Lucas Recliner, the small features count. In fact, this small touch was hard to find until we flipped one of the armrests over to reveal a cup holder and cubby storage arm! Your storage arm can store things like magazines, a tablet, or the remote controls for your television or cable boxes. And while you are seated on your cuddler recliner, you can have a drink, hot or cold, that refreshes you or provides you some comfort. This feature is one reason we recommend this particular recliner for your home.

We also enjoy one other feature that is worth considering with your Lane Lucas Recliner, which is Lane's trademarked 'zero gravity' mechanism that supports your back and the rest of your body, shifting the weight from your body to the chair. This is a feature that particularly commends itself to us, because we have had experience with not-so-reliable recliners that continue to keep us feeling heavy while sitting on them. This is especially important if you are after relieving such things as stress or back pain, which we feel comfortable body support can help alleviate. Comfortable body support also means that you can rest much better on a comfortable chair. This is because the way the mechanism works will support your body enough so that it can feel light and rested.

If you are looking for something that is sturdy and strong, there are several comfortable chairs on the market, but nothing more sturdy or stronger than the Lane Stallion Recliner. The recliner is wider than most of the models that we reviewed, which is more accommodating to persons with larger body sizes, and is geared for men, but may make a very comfortable option for women as well. It also offers a taller seat back and height than their other models, which is excellent for persons who are quite tall. It comes in many fabrics to blend in with the other furniture in your room or with your living space itself. The chair is good enough to be a dominant piece in a room that makes a bold statement about who sits on it.

One feature of the Lane Stallion Recliner which particularly intrigues us as massage specialists is the length of the snuggler recliner when completely reclined, which is 73 inches, the precise length of a king-sized bed. This is a feature which we particularly recommend for those who intend to stay on such a recliner for hours at a time, because one can easily get some rest through it. It helps that the fabric and cushioning provide a level of comfort that you would need to get some sleep and wake up refreshed and feeling great. The chair's durability and stability, even when fully reclined, is worth the investment that allows you to relax in comfort for years to come. That is another reason to recommend this recliner.

If your home has a classic design, or if you want all your chairs to match, there are some options for your home decorating needs to consider. High-legged living room chairs are a classic, comforting design, but would it be nice to have a good snuggler recliner that can blend in? That is where the Lane Chloe Recliner comes in. It has a thick back and a sturdy seat cushion that can support all the weight that this chair can afford to seat, while offering maximum comfort for your body. Its integrated chaise design provides safety support for the leg rest while keeping the whole thing upholstered. This allows you to sit on the chair without noticing, until you trigger the thing, that there is a leg rest for your tired legs.

Using something like the Lane Chloe Recliner can indeed enhance the massage experience in a number of ways. One of these is with blood circulation. Studies and experience have shown that putting your feet up is not just a way for your body to relax, but also stimulates your blood circulation by allowing it to flow freely rather than going straight down to your feet through gravity. This is particularly why footrests and legrests are very important features and why recliners have become so popular. Another benefit is that these can provide cushioning to your back and head, thus relieving back pain by shifting weight from your body to the chair's center of gravity. This is important in particular for pregnant women, who will need such support.

If you are after a rocker recliner that promises to make you as comfortable as you can get, consider buying the Lane Timeless Rocker. It features a back, seat, and ottoman that move back and forth in one seamless motion. This allows you to rock yourself to a calmer mood to your own rhythm or to that of a favorite melody. It features Lane's unique pad-over-chaise design that combines the footrest and the seat as one upholstered unit, so that your legs won't feel the gaps between the cushions. This is one feature all the seats have in common. The back and sides are made of vinyl, but the seat, back, and ottoman are all made of top-grade leather so that you will feel as comfortable as you can truly be.

There are some optional features for the Lane Timeless Rocker that are not available with other options. These are all available for an extra charge. For instance, you can have a Power Recline option, which allows you to move the seat back and forth with the touch of a button rather than by pulling a handle. There is also a massage and heat option. Usually, this would consist of eight strategically placed nodes that vibrate and can be heated to provide maximum comfort. This rocker, if you choose another optional feature for the seat, also swivels back and forth, which gives you maximum flexibility of movement. You can talk to someone by turning around without having to strain your head, something we definitely want to avoid!


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