Infinity Iyashi 0 Gravity Massage Chair Leather Infinite Review

Discover how the Infinity Iyashi Zero-Gravity Massage Chair can offset the cost with its array of benefits, including ultimate relaxation and wellness.

To Infinity and Beyond

What makes you decide to buy a chair that costs more than most models? The reputation of the brand plays a big part, of course. The set of features must also stand out. And it should last you a long time so you get the full rewards out of your investment.

Introducing the Infinity Iyashi Zero-Gravity Massage Chair. First off, you've heard of Infinity, right? It is an innovator in the massage chair industry, putting forward technologies that are far ahead than the next best competitor. With its Iyashi model, the benefits seem infinite. Why? It is packed with systems and technologies that work together to yield relaxation and wellness results.

In this review, you will find out more about the features that make the Infinity Iyashi stand out. Perhaps we will start with its 49-inch massage stroke, the longest on the market. Or its airbag pressure massage technology. Then there is the zero-gravity reclining feature. And we are only getting started.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Infinity Iyashi Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

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  • With a futuristic design and distinctive features, Iyashi is the massage chair that boasts the longest massage stroke ever introduced to the market.
  • Among its innovative qualities are space-saving track system, mobile device synchronization, music-enabled rollers based on intersound technology, and of course, zero gravity.
  • It employs zero gravity, a reclining position that allows you to enjoy the full benefits of massage techniques, such as Zen Master and Tai Chi.


  • The Infinity Iyashi comes in an above average price, which can be pretty intimidating for those who are on a budget.
  • A serious massage chair, it is not for those who are looking for a light massage but those who want 35% more than what the next best thing can offer.

Features & Benefits

Futuristic Design & Distinctive Features

Get your kinks out from the day and sleep better with the Infinity Iyashi Zero-Gravity Massage Chair. This product boasts the longest massage stroke on the market. We are talking about 49 inches here, which helps relieve 35% more than the next best thing. The high-tech rollers reach from the neck all the way down. It tracks even your gluteus muscles! With long, continuous strokes, the chair also provides pressurized massage from your cervical spine to your lumbar region, relieving these parts of tension and fatigue. Just twenty minutes in the Infinity Iyashi already offers you improvements in your well-being.

Marked by a futuristic design, this massage recliner also combines modern technology with the healing benefits of techniques such as Zen Master and Tai Chi. It also features a unique slide rail to allow its rollers to conform to the natural S-shape of the body. This mechanism deepens your experience of relaxation, alleviates pain, and drives stress away. This aids in healing or improving your condition if you are struck by ailments brought about by tension on the spine. By extension, this can affect your heart rate positively, as well as boost blood circulation. It can even promote healthier digestion if you keep at it.

Innovative Systems & Technologies

The Infinity Iyashi is packed with technologies that beat the ones found in its rival models. Let us begin with its space-saving tracking system that minimizes the chair's space requirements. Sometimes, small living areas especially in urban centers limit your enjoyment of a massage. But with Iyashi, you might just have your dream massage in the comfort of your apartment. Speaking of your dream massage, this machine makes very little noise so you are not distracted from having a personalized professional-like session at home. To boot, you can let your mind rest as the Iyashi is crafted to produce the lowest environmental impact.

To further enhance your relaxation, the Iyashi brandishes its newly-added feature: audio capability. Via Bluetooth, you can connect your mobile device or music player to your chair. And voila, you can play soothing sounds to go along with your session. Even its visual qualities add to the enjoyment of every treatment. It comes in 4 colors that are easy on the eyes: black/black, white/black, black/caramel, and white/berry red. Infinity, Iyashi's maker, also understands that this big of an investment must yield even bigger returns. So it made a product that stands the test of time, giving you long-lasting effects and chance to enjoy the little wonders of life.

Airbag Pressure Massage Technology

Delivering powerful results takes an intact system and combination of technologies. With the Infinity Iyashi, your can experience full-body relaxation and healing, thanks to its airbag pressure massage technology. To get you centered and feeling fully alive, the 3-layer lower waist airbags produce a deep, kneading motion. This is very similar to the movements of human hands. In the same vein, two powerful airbags twist to create the effect of made by the hands of a licensed masseuse. These airbags target the lumbar and buttocks, rolling out the tension and invigorating the buttocks and thighs. What ways to relax your stressed muscles.

But there is more. The foot units alone are a thing to marvel at. Each unit contains 20 airbags and 4 rolling sole massagers. Squeeze, knead, roll, and swing are what each airbag aims to do, targeted at sole, arch, heel, and ankle. The leg and foot airbags are another story. They are 12 all in all, offering deep tissue massage to boost blood circulation and revitalize your legs. To cap off this airbag game, there are also the shoulder airbags as well as the arm and wrist airbags. The first group performs kneading, rolling, and twisting to refresh your tired shoulders. The second sends a wave-like motion to soothe your wrists.

Zero Gravity

Last but definitely not the least, the zero gravity feature just seals everything. It makes the Infinity Iyashi a complete package. Zero gravity is the optimal position for persons to enjoy the full benefits of a massage. When you recline in an almost flat position, your relaxation achieves a certain wholeness. What happens in this pose is that the massage chair reclines back while the seat rotates. This in turn elevates your feet above your heart. This position is said to produce a calming effect on your mind and body. At the same time, it reduces your heart rate and regulates your blood flow.

When you are in this reclining position, your body weight is distributed evenly, from the head to the foot of the chair. This takes a lot of pressure off the spine, allowing you to relax and even heal there. This can promote spinal correction in the long run. NASA introduced the zero gravity technology many years back. Now it has been integrated into massage chairs as a way to combat the influence of gravity on joints and spine. Iyashi amps it up by dishing out two-stage zero gravity. You already know about the head legs over hear level effect. Now, imagine that the massage rollers are reaching deeper into the muscle tissue in this position. Deep relaxation and sense of relief are yours for the taking.



Infinity is a reputable brand known for its innovations in the industry. With the Iyashi model, it sets another record. The massage chair features a 49-inch massage stroke, yet the longest on the market. This allows the body to enjoy deep and fulfilling relaxation. The futuristic and ergonomic design also enables users to absorb the full benefits of a massage. Modern technology is combined with the ancient healing techniques of Zen Master and Tai Chi, so you can get relief from pain, stress, and tension. At the same time, you may be able to see improvements from a more acute condition in the long term.

The Infinity Iyashi also features zero gravity capability. This reclining position helps to improve back massage while removing the influence of gravity on your joints and spine. This is based on a technology introduced by NASA many years back. In this pose, your body weight is distributed evenly across the chair, from foot to toe. It also raises your legs above your heart. At this level, your heart rate is reduced and your blood circulation is improved. It also drives the massage rollers to go deeper into the muscle tissue. This way, you receive that deeper sense of relief and get your kinks out from the day.

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