Human Touch iJoy Massage Chairs: 3 Models Compared

The line of iJoy massage chairs is an example of Human Touch's excellent craftsmanship. In this article, we compare three of its models and then we let you choose.

Why iJoy?

The monotony of design among standard massage chairs may be boring to you. You seek more stylish, more thoughtfully-made models to choose from. This is the right place to start. We handpicked the iJoy collection from lifestyle product provider Human Touch. The company is known for its state-of-the-art massage products, among which is the iJoy line. Like the other collections, iJoy upholds its manufacturer's aim of offering wellness solutions that do not 'impact your lifestyle, break your budget, or be difficult to use'. All of the line's products are thus designed to be a beautiful addition to any room.

The iJoy massage chairs fit a variety of tastes, from classic to traditional to contemporary. Aside from their head-turning aesthetics, the chairs also employ patented massage systems that replicate the techniques used by massage professionals. They are the best to have, considering their price and construction. We know it can still be quite a challenge to choose, especially if you are checking out one brand. In this article, we look further at the iJoy collection by comparing three of its models. These are the Premium Robotic Massage Chair, the Recline & Relax Robotic Massage Chair, and the iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair. Find out more about them here.

Human Touch knows that every square inch of space matters for the urban dweller. In this regard, the company created a compact massage chair in iJoy Active 2.0. It is the kind of furniture that you can fit into a condominium or apartment. A near-180 angle adds to its appeal, as you can almost lay flat or choose your most comfortable position by pulling the handle. Moreover, it saves you the trouble of negotiating the system that comes within the massage chair. All you have to do is choose from its auto-programs: THINK, which refreshes your entire back; PERFORM, which relieves neck and shoulder tension; and RECHARGE, which rejuvenates your lower back. Again, the iJoy collection brings the professional massage experience into your home.

The FlexGlide massage solution, Human Touch's patent pending orbital massage technology, is a great example of value for money. Imagine always having access to a warm massage, upgraded from an oil massage. You already get its stress-reducing effects right after going through a long, tiring day. You do not have to make the trip to your masseuse, or have him or her come over. Longing for a deep tissue massage? You got it. The iJoy Active 2.0 simulates the hand techniques that the pros employ through Stretch, Orbit, and Glide motion and massage pressure. Through this feature, you are treated an experience that effectively brings results. You will feel that it is really getting into the muscles. This is more than just pampering. It is relaxation at its best.

This ergonomically-designed massage chair looks sleek and functional at first glance. We are happy to report that it does not disappoint once you take a seat. The recline and relax claim correctly describes its remarkable ability and effect. Human Touch successfully integrated three auto-programs to ensure that the massage chair targetsx the most relevant body areas. The settings are as follows: Sore Muscle Relief, Stress Therapy, and Back Wellness. Recline while also basking in the glow of a warm massage. You can feel the expert-like robotic iJoy massage chair perform kneading, compression, percussion, and rolling. All of these can be experienced through this space-saving lifestyle furniture. If the chair height does not make you happy, you can just fix it with a little modification.

For those who need to feel like they are sitting in a standard lounge chair, you can use bed lifts. This tiny adjustment will not hurt you, but missing out on the effects of this iJoy massage chair will cost you. It will be harder to find a product that is at a par with this one. Human Touch designed this with smaller spaces in mind. Most lifestyle choices are made by people who dwell in the city, and these live in apartments with not the most accommodating square footage. In that vein, the manufacturer also made sure even a tiny person can carry it, assemble it, and start using it with total ease. Talk about total freedom from back pains.

The promise of making lives better is at the core of Human Touch's business model. This is what you get from the Premium Robotic Massage Chair which belongs to the iJoy massage chair collection. And for someone who will shell out hundreds of bucks for a massage chair, what are the expectations? Of course, the main thing is relief from stress and pain. This model offers you both, and something as simple as relaxation after enduring a busy day. It can refresh your back, provide relief to your neck and shoulders, and release your lower back from aches and pressure. It has a built-in control panel so it becomes easier for you to set the auto-programs. With just a pull, you can immediately recline on a near-180-degree angle.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the size and durability of this massage chair. Though relatively compact, it can handle weight on the higher end, around 240 lbs. Human Touch did not just create a beautiful addition to homes, it also built something that will last. In addition, the leather make is soft, so you will not feel like you are lying on a rock. Soothing your body is not that difficult with this iJoy product. You can simply recline on it and set it up to the manual massage techniques that massage experts use. It zeroes in on four areas of your body, allowing you to feel relaxed, stress-free, and even pain-free after tiring yourself out at work.


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