Good Massage Chair Options: An Advanced Guide

Normally, you will be told what to look for when buying something. But in this article, you will be told what exactly to avoid.

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What to Avoid When Buying a Massage Chair

We have said enough about the benefits of owning a massage chair. This time, we want to delve into the red flags and fair warnings that users have shared across online shops. The drill is similar. We check out the features, durability, price, and customer support-related factors first. Then we cite which ones can really turn consumers off. And if you are not aware, these are what can turn you off. So get your red pen ready. Do not expect mentions of particular products, though, as this is just an overview of things to avoid -- not brands and models.Hope you see the difference.

But first, we have to explain why this is important. Sometimes, we can focus on the desirable features of a product we really like. That's normal, as purchasing is a byproduct of an emotional decision, not really a rational one. Good massage chair options exist, but we won't have the chance to explore all of them. When we find something that strikes us, we can get fixated on it. This can blindside us. In this article, we will help you avoid altogether the undesirable activity that is ?"Buy Now, Complain Later". Hope the collective wisdom of a thousand users also helps.

First Things First: Deliveries to Warranties

Let's get to the delivery and assembly right away. Sometimes, if you really like the product, you have all the patience to wait for it even though shipping seems to take forever. There is fun in waiting, after all. You get your expectations up. However, it won't hurt to know the expected delivery date for a potential purchase. If you are buying online, days or weeks of interval aren't unusual. But if an item will take longer, consider why the manufacturer or merchant cannot deliver faster. It could be that they have no more stocks left (due to high demand), the product has been phased out, and other reasons that make sense. Otherwise, look for an alternative source. As for the assembly, go for the unit that offers this easily. It would help to know if the manufacturer is foreign, as English manuals can sometimes be a luxury in that case.

Next, customer care and warranty. It is worth spending some time to understand the warranty that comes with a product purchase. Sometimes, the manufacturers even throw in a cash-back opportunity. This signals that the company believes that its products are quality and durable. Also, before you hit the buy button, know the difference between a full and a limited warranty. The latter refers to specific parts, certain defects, and particular conditions, among others. In consumer electronics, Apple is a good example of a company offering this. If a massage chair manufacturer is offering a limited warranty, find out what it actually covers. If you are buying from a third-party merchant and something does not compute, you may verify that shop. When making online purchases, you should be wary about the seller's reputation all the time. Plus, nosing around to know if customer care actually cares will help especially when problems regarding delivery arise.

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Devil in the Details

After looking closely at the merchant's way of doing business, dig into the details. Most online shops require sellers to list features on the product page. However, some can get away with using generic wordings. When you encounter such, it would help to scroll down for reviews. If those are non-existent as well, see if there are reviews about the product elsewhere. A product that no one virtually cares about is not only shady but also poorly marketed. If a manufacturer believes that their product is great, should it not be telling the world that -- and why? Another reason to obsess with features is that different massage chairs cater to different trigger points. You should also know the dimensions of the furniture to assume it is the right fit for you. Of course, you have to fit it into your house / room too. And what if it's only vibrating? What if the fact that there are rollers to work your entire back is totally hidden from you?

Avoid the pricey ones is not a helpful piece of advice. Massage chairs do not come cheap. Actually, the best brands often are on the more expensive side. Some reputable brands also offer low- and mid-end models. Others hold crazy markdowns. But you know what to avoid by just looking at the state of your bank account. Still, do this in moderation. Do not avoid every more / less expensive item just because it is not within your range. Perhaps there is another seller who is offering this on a discount. Lastly, you will have to look at repair terms. This will be a bit tricky if you aren't buying from the manufacturer. There is a whole hierarchy to it that you would not rather bear a headache for. In the end, though, accidents and dysfunctions happen. Maybe not to you. But you have to be ready. If the repair terms are not established, you should reconsider or find an alternative strategy should anything uncool happens.

Our Verdict

Overall, this article aimed to help you detect shady transactions before they occur. Your safety and security check as a consumer does not end after a purchase. If you get past the delivery nightmares, you might not be able to survive the damages and disasters that would ensue should the product turn out to be subpar. Good massage chair options always come from reputable sellers, trusted manufacturers, and emerging merchants who build their reputation by genuinely caring for buyers. You should watch out for the ones who are bent on taking your money without providing you with the best possible care from the get-go.

As writers on and consumers of lifestyle products, we are accustomed to seeing both sides of reviewers. Those who give positive reviews and those who give critical reviews. The best options always have more positive than critical ones. This means that more users have found more things to like about their purchase. Too often, fast delivery, ease of assembly, customer care, and immediate repair assistance make the difference. Those who can't get their unit to work the first time would only complain if the company fails to serve them correctly. There you have it. If you want to know about specific options, check out our list of shiatsu massage chair reviews on the site.