The Best 7 Electric Massage Tables For Sale Right Now

We review seven of the top electric massage tables in the business.

What You Need To Know

Upgrading to a new massage table may be a daunting experience. What kind of massage table would you want to buy, for example? Would it be one that is a slight step up from whatever table you already have or is it something that would give you more professional flexibility? Such questions are why we should consider electric massage tables as an option. Electric massage tables rely upon electricity, of course, to power the mechanisms that move the table up or down, or in some cases, even turn them into chairs to perform certain spa and other treatments, for example.

When we were thinking of upgrading to a good electric massage table, we as therapists had plenty to consider. Most of the brands on the market were pricey in relative terms. What we decided to do for this list was to compile those models which we felt offered good value for money in terms of what these massage tables could do for us and for our clients. The challenge for us is to offer the kind of information you need so that you could make a good choice from among the top electric massage tables on the market these days.

This particular massage table, the Earthlite Ellora Electric Massage Table, has often appeared on lists of the top electric massage tables, and for good reason. It is a sturdy, durable electric massage table that has a heavy duty steel frame supporting its load, which can be up to 600 pounds, among the highest among those we reviewed. The corners of this simple massage table are rounded, which is somewhat unique for pure massage tables of its kind. The table itself is a basic one, which means that one has to purchase such accessories as arm rests, the hanging arm shelf, and the face attachment. The height, which is the only thing that can be adjusted, is controlled with the touch of the table's built-in pedal.

The massage table is ADA compliant, meaning that it can be lowered to such a height that it can be easily accessed by persons with disabilities. It has wheels for ease of movement around the floor, so that it can be taken from one room or side of the room to the other when needed. The tilt and lifting system which comes as part of this table is not electrically powered, but relies upon pneumatics to adjust the back and the legs even when the client is on the table. This allows for the therapist to make these adjustments without asking the client to step out. Hopefully, these and other tables will make this way to your practice as a massage therapist in the near future.

The InkBed Electric Massage Table is very similar to what we reviewed in #6, so it might be best to reiterate some features we noted earlier with that particular electric massage table. The first is that it has a whisper-quiet motor so that the client won't hear a thing while the motor works. The second is the remote control system which has touch sensors so that one does not need to worry about the impact of oily hands, and easy cleaning with the wipe of a cloth. The extendable headrest stretches out to 6 inches for taller clients and there are removable armrests which can be taken out without the need for tools. The armrests are there to help therapists maneuver the bodies of their clients around without difficulty, and to keep their clients'arms cushioned and relaxed.

Other features worth noting for the InkBed Electric Massage Table are its high density foam padding of 4 inches for maximum client comfort. Four inches is way above the minimum professional massage table standard of three inches, and this is your assurance that the foam is thick enough that clients can rest on it without feeling the table itself. The pillow for the chair can be removed easily to show the face portal on this electric massage table, thus giving the therapist maximum flexibility to use this either as a spa table or a massage table. Generally, the feedback we have received about this massage table has been very positive, with clients reporting high levels of satisfaction. So did we feel happy, by the way, about this table.

If you are looking for an electric massage and spa table that delivers what it promises to do--that is, offer you and your clients the best massage experience--consider getting the SpaLuxe Electric Massage and Spa Table. This is one of three massage tables that is eligible for an ADA tax credit, given that its minimum adjustable height, 17 inches, allows persons with disabilities to climb on board a massage table quite easily. Its maximum adjustable height is 39 inches, making it possible for masseuses to work with deep tissue techniques with some ease. The size of the bed is roughly within the standard for the industry, with a length of 73 inches and a width of 30 inches. The width accommodates the widest clients, but may be a problem for shorter therapists.

The SpaLuxe Electric Massage and Spa Table has both a hand control and a foot control to manipulate the bed. The hand control manipulates the height, back, and leg sections of the electric massage table, so that the masseuse can easily adjust the table according to the technique or treatment to be applied. The foot control adjusts the height so that the client can easily climb on or off, or different therapists of different heights can accordingly work with the table. There are three motors: one that manipulates the backrest, one that adjusts the knees and leg area, and one that adjusts for the height. The feedback we have for this table is that this degree of flexibility is generally a good thing, though we wish there was an additional foot pedal to adjust the backrest and knees.

The Skin Act Electric Massage Table and Facial Bed is a dual-purpose bed for performing not only massages but facial treatments. This massage table comes in beige and is covered in high quality leatherette for client comfort. The head rest, which is detachable, is framed in metal for maximum durability. Its height can be adjusted from 25.5 inches to a little under 30 inches, which allows for some flexibility with therapist's heights. By default, a hand control manipulates the device's two motors so that the massage table can be moved at will, but there is also an optional foot control or pedal which can be bought separately. Having a foot control, as we mentioned, solves the problem of having a sticky control mechanism brought about by having oils on one's hand.

One interesting feature of the Skin Act Electric Massage Table and Facial Bed is its dual motor system, which is somewhat unique among the tables we've reviewed so far. One motor moves the table in such a way as to adjust the height so that therapists may choose a height suitable for themselves or to let clients climb up and down a table with ease. The other motor adjusts both the backrest and the knee supports, to allow the knees to be supported while the backrest is rising and thus increasing client comfort. Also, of all the tables we have reviewed, this one has one of the thickest foams we have so far, with 4 inches of thick foam that promise to offer client comfort.

We know you might miss the basic massage table you are so used to having. If that is the case, consider buying the SkinAct Cosmo Electric Massage Table, a basic electric massage table that can be adjusted for its height so that you can perform certain treatments. The table measures 74 inches long, which is good enough for the tallest clients. The width would be 28 inches, which is the industry standard for massage tables over which you can stretch out and perform your technique. The minimum height is 26 inches and the maximum height is 35 inches.This maximum height allows you to perform deep tissue treatments without much difficulty. It has a maximum bearing load capacity of 450 lbs which is enough for the heaviest clients and for you.

Getting the SkinAct Cosmo Electric Massage Table requires asking yourself how tall is an appropriate adjustable massage table off the ground. You can measure the appropriate height using a tip a fellow masseuse taught us. First, stand straight, stretching out your arms with fists closed. Second, measure the distance between the floor and your fist. The resulting measurement, give or take a few inches, would be an appropriate height. However, if a table such as this one is used by more than one therapist, as is often the case with electric massage tables, having such an ability to easily adjust the height would be very welcome. A therapist who is relatively short, for instance, may want a table that is lower for their needs while a therapist who is taller will need one proportionately higher.

The LCL Beauty Fully Adjustable Electric Massage Table has some features in common with another massage table we will discuss later, so we will talk a bit about some of the features here and then proceed to a further discussion later on. The electric massage table's height can be adjusted from 26 to 31 inches, which may make it inappropriate for persons with disabilities who need to climb unto a table. Its length is 78 inches, which is within the industry standard for massage tables of that sort. This can accommodate the tallest possible clients which you might have without worrying about them hanging their feet out. The motor promises whisper-quiet performance, so your client will not be hearing the whir of the motor as it works.

One feature which we appreciate about the LCL Beauty Fully Adjustable Electric Massage Table is its remote control. Most electric massage tables are manipulated by pedals for an important reason. Massage treatments may require oils or other sticky items, and a pedal is one way of ensuring control without having the control mechanism made sticky by these massage oils. However, the remote control that comes with this massage table uses a touch sensor system that allows you to control the chair with a push of a button without worrying about stains. And one need not worry, because all you need to do to clean the remote is to swipe it with a cleaning cloth. This convenience is why we would recommend this particular massage table.

The Sierra Comfort Adjustable Electric Massage Table has four adjustable sections: the lower leg area, the upper leg area, the backrest, and the headrest. This kind of flexibility allows you to have a fully stretched out table or one which could be manipulated to perform certain kinds of spa or massage treatments. The leg areas are the ones which can be adjusted using the motor while the backrest and headrest area need to be adjusted manually. It has three inches of high density luxe foam, which is the minimum standard for professional massage chairs, thus offering your clients the utmost comfort. The hydraulic scissor lift system works reliably to stretch out and retract your table, or move the whole thing up and down as needed.

One benefit of having the Sierra Comfort Adjustable Electric Massage Table is that you can work with clients who have neck pain who might need a whole body massage. The hydraulics on this chair, and indeed of all other electric massage tables, allow you to manipulate the chair in such a way that you can perform a soothing massage while making sure your client's neck continues to be cared for. Adjusting the table also allows you as a therapist to perform your massage treatments properly. Incidentally, the massage table also has accessories including a hanging arm shelf so that your client can place their arms in it while undergoing treatment, and an ergonomic face pillow with memory foam so that your client can relax while having a massage.


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