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The Brand and Its Products

From time to time, we want that feeling of pure comfort and bliss at home. Forget about being productive. Today we don't feel like doing anything. How we wish we could just recline in the living room while having some booze and watching Netflix. Here's an idea: replace the sofa with a reclining chair or two. Imagine how cozy those La-Z-Boy seats in exclusive cinemas are. We can replicate that at home while enjoying the benefits of an improved body circulation and reduced joint aches. Power recliners and even normal recliners now have excellent features that assure we get total relaxation just by laying down in the living room.

For starters, let us look at a brand that has been known for designing and building such products with those benefits in mind. Catnapper recliner chairs speak of high quality. They are comfortable and durable. They also look gorgeous, we won't mind having a row of these chairs in the house. In this article, we are going to review five models to see if they match our tastes. They don't come cheap, so we have to make sure we are going to get the best value for our money. We will also look at units being sold online at discounted rates.

There are things that we can simply marvel at from the first time we see them. There is the Jaguar F-Type or the Cadillac CTS. Then there is the Catnapper Cosmo. Though it's a bit of a stretch to go from cars to recliners, one look at this swivel glider recliner can convince you that it is not really far-fetched. Having nice things can be a dream for everyone, but affording them is another story. The Catnapper Cosmo is also at the top of its category, in terms of cost. Yet, what we hope you to see is that not only is it stylish, but also it is worth the investment. It boasts of the premium mechanism devised by Catnapper that allows it to swivel 360 degrees.

With a gliding motion that is just as soothing, the Catnapper Cosmo provides superior comfort and power. Its padding is pillow-like, so sinking into a relaxing sleep will be hard to avoid. To boot, it is also covered in Valentino bonded leather. Treating spills is a bit tricky, as blotting out the stain is better than scrubbing it. But this is nothing a non-toxic leather cleaner can solve. It is easy to get in and out of, with enough room to accommodate short to stout. The switch from reclining to sitting position, or vice-versa, does not cause that much fuss either. Sleek, comfortable, and stylish define the Cosmo swivel glider recliner. The only downside is that users may find it difficult to leave once they have sat or reclined in this chair.

The Cloud 12 model packs all the features we expect from a power chaise recliner, and then some. It operates smoothly and quietly, thanks to the exclusive reclining mechanism developed by Catnapper. It also has an 8-gauge spring system for maximum comfort and strength. Cloud 12 looks like a beast covered in suede upholstery, yet it is as gentle as the breeze. It can lull users to sleep, simulating that feeling of floating on clouds. The steel seat box ensures that we get superior support when we recline, while the unitized steel base prevents bending and keeps the product from wearing out. With smooth and ease, users can shift between laying flat and sitting up. No need to worry about warping or splitting at all.

The Cloud 12 power chaise recliner is a perfect fit in the living room. Like any Catnapper product, it was designed with form and functionality as the highest priority. To give you a picture of its versatility, it can accommodate even a 6'240-lb individual. It offers ultra comfort, as it is really soft and fluffy. Yet, Catnapper made sure style was not also compromised in making this. The chair comes in camel, chocolate, and sage fabric. It can blend in with a loveseat or stand alone in the living room. It can be fully extended even if it stands a foot away from the wall because of the way it was designed to recline. Though it is a good seater, it is better to maximize this as a chaise recliner because of all the benefits.

The casual contemporary design of the Catnapper Gibson lay flat recliner makes it a good addition to the living room. Place it near an oversized window or a fireplace. Complement the existing sofa set with it. It will not be that hard to find a spot where it can be a mainstay. That spot will easily turn into a comfort corner, symbolizing rest and relaxation at home. And why won't it be? Gibson's swivel glider and lay flat functions are known to boost sleep, leaving the user feeling refreshed afterward. The soft and durable micro-denier suede enhances not only the external look of the chair but also the overall resting experience. The wide seating and designer pub back allow for comfortable movements within the recliner.

The US-made Gibson lay flat recliner also symbolizes strength. And it has a body to show for it. Catnapper has created here an innovation in its proprietary reclining mechanism. The other stars of the show are the following features: a steel seat box, a direct crossbar, an 8-gauge spring system, and a unitized steel base. We can rest assured that we can rely on this recliner to not bend, split, tilt from side to side, or warp. Its strength provides a kind of comfort that customers can only experience from excellent and durable products. Gibson is just one of the many testaments that Catnapper continues to evolve in its craft. In addition, Gibson belongs to their collection of stylish products. It comes in four colors: berry, mocha, sage, and walnut.

We love taking care of ourselves, and Catnapper's Maverick recliner sounds like what the doctor ordered. Its manual operation is smooth, allowing users suffering from body pains and injuries to sit and sleep in the chair comfortably. The micro-denier fabric also feels breathable. It is also easy to clean, wiping off spills for instance. Then we get to the movements it produces. First, the swivel action is nice and steady. And, of course, the glide feature is simply divine. The rocking sensation at the slightest shifts in position contributes to making sleep well and refreshing afterward. The seams are flawless and the cushions are thick, so it is not difficult to sink into the cozy vibe once the body hits the chaise recliner.

We also give Catnapper the credit when it comes to aesthetics. The Maverick recliner is not only soft and smooth. It has this inviting look and feel, what with its simulated leather grain cover. Its stitching detail also reinforces the recliner's sturdy, elegant appeal. The product can be purchased as Java or Saddle, which are deep brown and medium tan, respectively. The color and form are a good touch, as they can enhance how living rooms look. Maverick is a chaise swivel recliner that cannot be considered massive or small, but pretty much standard size. Just one thing: the front edge is raised from the floor by about 20 inches, so only taller individuals (5'to 6', thereabouts) can plant their feet on the floor in regular sitting position.

The Teddy Bear recliner is popular among Catnapper customers. This particular model not only reclines; it also rocks and swivels. What you get is a sturdy oversized chair that has deep cushion with inner springs, similar with a mattress. Its design allows users to sink in and feel the comfort. Moreover, we can recline and feel like we are floating on air. Enjoying a lazy Sunday or a break after a long day is easy and within reach through this recliner chair. The microfiber cover can help to keep users warm during cold days. It is not too big for anyone who is smaller than 5'8", not one of those big man's chairs,'as one customer put it. Plus, it has those plush armrests to complete the relaxation cycle.

To maximize the potential of the Catnapper Teddy Bear recliner, users can swivel and rock as they please. The contour of the chair also aids in reducing body aches, specifically back pains. It is consistently quiet and comfortable. It can also to open to an almost-flat position. The recliner making noise when someone is negotiating its angle will not be an issue with this one. And resetting the seat requires not much effort from the feet. Purchasing this product is going to be worth every dime. It is heavy, though. But assembly is a breeze. It fits a decent-sized living room perfectly. It does come with an expensive price tag, but interested customers can get good deals from the brand through e-commerce sites like Amazon.


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