Before You Buy: Know The Benefits of A Calf Massager (Top 10)

If you're looking for a calf massager to cope with or to prevent an injury, you should buy one that's right for you. Here are 10 products to choose from.

What Are the Benefits?

The calf muscles allow us to move actively, to walk, run, and jump. When we strain them, we suffer from some form of disability. In some cases, the disability can reach extreme levels. The calf massager aids in healing and coping with the pain. For individuals with active lifestyles, it is also an effective tool to help prevent injuries. It improves blood circulation, making way for the healthy flow of the blood to and from the heart. As a result, it increases the amount of oxygen that is needed to keep your tissues revitalized. Lowered blood pressure is another pleasurable effect of the calf massager.

Aside from the benefits, you also have to know the features and latest technology that come with this product. To get the best value for your money, you have to look for the ones that provide you with patented tech. Such brands and models soothe and relax your tired calf muscles using carefully-studied massage techniques. They aid in the renewal of your body as their systems stimulate processes that are essential to the functioning of your heart and blood. Take note that these are not the only solutions needed to be well and healthy. But having a calf massager does help you go a long way.

The Schultz ZycraPulse foot and calf massager falls on the high end of this category. Yet, it is also packed with features that you will not find in other machines. The top portion can be adjusted to focus on the part of your lower limbs that needs the most attention. That is from your knees to your upper thighs. It also boasts 30 airbags and 3 deep-kneading rollers to help you achieve superior results. It can stop swelling, break down lymph nodes, and alleviate pain. You will feel more energetic in your lower limbs. The ZycraPulse can get you the results that you will sometimes find lacking in the works of human hands. It also comes in a sleek design with an easy-to-operate touch panel.

The best part of having the Schultz ZycraPulse is its back wheels. You can move it around without too much fuss. And you won't have to exert that much to relocate it, unlike with other models. It is perfect for those who are also suffering from pains in the back and the upper limbs. It enables your legs to feel better. Restless legs, for instance, can be an issue when you sleep at night. And say, for a pregnant woman who is always on her feet at daytime, this is a godsend. So by extension, it allows you to sleep better. It improves your quality of life to several degrees. And that is the kind of lifestyle product that is worth investing in.

Another product from Belmint, the shiatsu foot massager with switchable heat presents two separate, independent foot chambers. This allows the device to reach and perform shiatsu massage on the bottom and sides of the feet. It also offers vibrating and deep kneading functions, regulating blood flow and relieving tired muscles. The heat function can be switched on and off independently of the other advanced settings. The heat applies gentle warmth that helps ease and soothe your tired muscles. Unlike human hands, this foot massager's nodes simply do not tire, so you can enjoy a calming treatment at the comforts of your home as much as you please. And of course, you do not have to wait in line or book for a slot in the spa to have this.

The Belmint shiatsu foot massager weighs 12 pounds, so you can store and take it out conveniently at home. Before you buy, acknowledged that your feet deserve to be renewed, even pampered from time to time. And this product is your personal wellness companion. It can last for a long time, so you do not have to worry about its daily performance. It is also popular among online customers. If you are quick, you might even chance upon a discounted item on sites like Amazon. The cloth cover is also easy to remove from the device. You can throw it in the washer to ensure good hygiene, keeping users -- you and your family members -- safe and protected. This one is deserving of a four-star rating.

This is the gold version of the Belmin electric foot and calf spa massager. It looks sleek and smart with its shiny finish. The display panel brings you a stress-free spa experience with just a touch of a button. It also caters to anyone who is suffering from a combination of these cases: tension, tingling, and pain related to nerve disorder, plantar fasciitis, rigorous exercise, and sport injuries. There are six kneading and vibrating programs available in this machine. The heat can also be adjusted. Its multiple advanced features show that it is a super device. It specifically helps diabetics as it enables blood to flow from the lower limbs to the body's core, pumping much-needed oxygen back to the legs, calves, and feet in return.

As it massages ankles and calves, the Belmin electric massager also aids in toning, shaping, and beautifying your legs. The device is packed with all these helpful features to promote your health and wellness. Plus, it really comes with a very attractive price tag. You get absolute value for money with this one. The only downside is that it is heavier than it looks. But that does not even compare to how great this machine works. You can use it every day and with care and attention, let it hold up. If your whole family is using it, you can always remove the detachable fabric cover to clean it for hygiene purposes. Overall, this one is an investment that ultimately rewards you with relaxation, comfort, and relief.

First, let us discuss the several interesting features that make up the Belmint electric foot and calf spa massager. The shiatsu rolling massage function works on the feet and calves to reduce aches, pain, numbness, stress, and tension. The neuropathy reliever performs deep-tissue penetration through flexible kneading balls / discs. It is like treating your lower limbs to an actual deep-tissue massage in which human touch is employed. There is also the acupressure device within the massager, allowing for spa-like results to be achieved. The product also features three vibrating programs to choose from. For added convenience, it has LCD display panel to help you manage the machine. Treating yourself to a relaxing and healing massage has never been this easy. You can do this at home whenever you want.

You can also take advantage of the heating function to fully absorb the benefits of the massage. Snuggle into the Belmin electric foot and calf spa massager machine and slip into a feeling of soothing and renewal. If you wish to keep things auto, you can turn on auto-shutoff, which will set off in 15 minutes. With its relatively low price, you can purchase one for your household to enjoy for the years to come. It looks simple and is easy to use. You can also take out the detachable fabric cover for safe hygiene and cleaning. The machine comes in black and gold, which match many types of rooms and furniture sets. It is a good buy given the price, quality, and durability.

Here comes a product that combines form and function. Looking sleek and smart, it is the perfect match for your lazy boy or recliner chair. You can sit back, relax, watch a movie, and get a massage treatment -- all at the same time. But it is not always recommended for film viewing as it may cause you to doze off. The TheraSqueeze Pro massager starts with a shiatsu massage that employs deep kneading. This lifts tension, improves circulation, and stimulates pressure points under your feet. Then, the dynamic squeeze massages melts away tension from your feet up to the thighs. Then it applies heat therapy to calm and relax muscles in the calves and thighs, allowing for these parts to completely absorb the benefits of a massage.

You can choose from three levels of intensity to start with. You can make your own massage combinations or pick the pre-programmed, full-leg massage. You can switch from a thigh massage with heat, just by swinging back the base, or an upper calf massage, by returning the base. Heat therapy is said to increase the body part's receptivity of the full benefits of the massage. Though it comes in a price that cannot just be thrown away, buying this will not make you feel that way anyway. It is a good starting investment for anyone who is building a room filled with lifestyle products. Pair this TheraSqueeze Pro calf and leg massager with a recliner chair for superior comfort and relaxation.

This foot and calf massager, a creation of HmRelax, offers multiple ways to heal, soothe, and renew your lower limbs. Choose among these options: shiatsu massage, kneading massage, or rolling, heating, or vibrating function. You can customize the options depending on your preferences and needs. It also provides reflexology treatment by targeting pressure nodes in the soles of your feet. These are said to connect to various organs of the body, thus allowing the effects of the massage to reach these parts. The product also provides 360-degree coverage of your legs. And with infrared physical therapy, it helps in improving metabolism and blood circulation. Sitting down to have a treatment via this massager is a good addition to your health and wellness routine.

The touch panel control is perfect for managing your settings without much fuss. You can try to use it every day to see the difference it makes for yourself. It emulates the techniques used by experts such as massage therapists and chiropractors. This is especially useful for individuals who have to work long hours while standing. These are teachers, guards, cashier clerks, salespersons, and flight attendants. The HmRelax foot and calf massager relieves pain and targets the complicated network of nerves under your feet to improve health. Bear in mind that it is mainly for those reasons and not for complete relaxation. Although the soothing feeling comes after every session. It also comes with a nice velour / microsuede fabric that is easy to wash and clean.

If you are interested in the more intense, this shiatsu massager from Best Choice Products is the one for you. It covers several parts of your body including the foot, ankle, calf, and leg. It also employs several massage therapist techniques such as pulsing, kneading, and rolling. It features 4 auto-programs and 3 massage modes so you can customize your treatment according to your needs. The remote control enables you to manage power, adjust speed, get massage directions, and set the mode by choosing automatic, personal, or manual. The ergonomic and compact design allows for easy use and storage. Having this is akin to having your personal masseuse at the end of a long, tiring day. It targets specific areas of from your feet up to the calves.

This Best Choice Products shiatsu massager is the best choice for those who want a light product with relatively intense effects. Cool and edgy, it can remind you of the services provided by professional therapists. Yet, you are treating yourself in the comforts of your home. It is convenient in that it allows you to access massage without having to make a reservation or queue up in the spa. Much like its human counterpart, the shiatsu foot massage aids in stimulating blood circulation, reducing stress, and relieving tension. It is an excellent lifestyle product for the price. It enhances your life in ways that you need it to. It is also a quiet machine. With little adjustments when operating, you can enjoy a soothing treatment every day with this device.

This Japan-made leg vibrating massager is more gentle than a shiatsu massage. This means it is not too intense and is perfect for anyone who is looking for relaxation from time to time. It can be used by your eighty-year-old grandma or twenty-five-year-old son. The rolling vibration actually feels less than the typical massage, which may include kneading. Those who cannot endure it may opt to use this leg vibrating massager from Omron. It comes with a two-stage switching intensity levels: strong and weak. Though, as we have mentioned, the strong mode is not that intense. It is just enough to soothe your legs. It is recommended for those who have restless legs, young to old. It is perfect for finally having those calves achieve comfort.

The Omron leg vibrating massager comes in a set of two polyester cuffs. They are soft, plush, and warm, fitting the thighs perfectly. It can be used on the calves as well. Through this product, you can alleviate pain without taking pills. You can also use it to relax you at night, allowing for better sleep. Just hook it up, set the timer, and you are good to go. It also fits many sizes. Kids with restless legs can use it. Older people with larger calves who are suffering from arthritis can use it. It is versatile and handy. As expected from the Japanese, this is a well-made product that is projected to last long. It does not disappoint, even if you may have to wait several weeks before it gets delivered to your home from Japan, of course.

If you are on the side of living a sedentary lifestyle, then we also got this first of the calf massagers that cater to your needs. This is for you if you are working a desk job which requires you to sit in front of a computer for hours. This is also for you if you are experiencing extended hours of immobility due to a sickness or disability. This kind of lifestyle has its own pains and strains to deal with. And the air compression leg massager from Bright Therapy Leg MassageAIR will help alleviate some of them. It provides you with two treatments to choose from: heated or unheated. You can choose which intensity level you want it to operate: low, medium, and high.

You can also go on auto mode, in which the massager performs dynamic compression levels and timing of inflation, deflation, and hold functions. The manual mode offers you consistent inflation, deflation, hold, and timing functions. Either way, you get to customize your treatment so that it feels good and convenient for your calves and legs. There is also a timer that counts up to 15 minutes if you want to doze off, read, or let your mind be still while going through the massage. The Leg MassageAIR air compression leg massager is perfect for when you are experiencing swelling and pain. It is not limited to those who have a sedentary lifestyle. It removes the soreness and revitalizes the calves and legs of those who are used to standing or moving for the most part of the day.

Human Touch is a brand that is known for developing technologies that replicate the massage techniques of professionals. With the Reflex2 calf massager, it has integrated the patented figure-8 technology. This buddy surrounds the feet and calves to deliver a fluid, highly-effective massage. The wave-like motion imitates the expert movements of therapists. This function allows blood to circulate back to the body's core. In turn, it enables fresh nutrients to re-enter the calves and feet. At the same time, metabolic remnants are flushed out. Meanwhile, the Reflex2 also carries the CirQlation Paddle Technology, which employs the latest in three-dimensional robotic technology. It brings you the human touch through programmed systems and achieves the same soothing, renewing results. You wish you had bought this sooner for your entire family.

The Human Touch Reflex2 shows is a little bit on the pricey side. But it is an investment worth making, especially if someone in the family is suffering from, coping with, or is prone to calf strain or injury. This massager also boasts of stimulating under-foot rollers to relieve those tired soles and heels. When in use, the product stays in place through its non-skid floor protectors. It also features an easy-to-carry handle for your convenience. You can take it with you in the living room, your room, or even in the patio--wherever you want. All these to bring your calves comfort and relief. To an extent, as it helps you renew your calves for moving, it helps you achieve a brighter mental state.


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