Small, Average, Big Man: Recliner for All Shapes and Sizes

This article will show you how to choose a recliner based on space, chair size, and user size.

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Key Facts to Know

Looking for a power recliner that fits your body and home space should not be stressful. Knowing which features to zoom in on is key. While aesthetics matter, the perfect match is also based on the space you have, the dimensions of the chair, and the size of the user. There are several physical factors to consider so that your chair shopping will be a good experience and the comfortable recliner a long-lasting result of it. It is best to invest with time and effort at this stage, then enjoy your purchase later. After all, you'll have it for a while. A well-built unit should serve you at least 10 years.

There are multiple reasons you would want to return this beast to its manufacturer or seller a few days after delivery. That it is too big for your living or entertainment room can be one. That you are too big to sit on it can be another. Do not fret. To find one that is good for your body, bat cave, and budget is not entirely impossible. We will take you, step by step, through the process that leads to buying the right recliner. Get ready with your measuring and note-taking tools. We will brainstorm our way to ordering a durable and on-fleek chair for your household.

Size 'em Up

Chairs with recline function -- be it the traditional La-Z-Boy or the more recent massager brands -- may appear hefty at face value. This assumption is often applied to images. But whether you are buying online or offline, checking the actual dimensions can change your perspective in a snap. Familiarize yourself first with the standard sizes. Almost each brand carries a permutation of height / width / depth, but the average is similar across the board. It is the same fact if you group them as rocker, glider, or high-leg. Let us take La-Z-Boy as an example. It's 41 inches (height), 30 inches (width), and 36 inches (depth). The seat height, width, and depth respectively are 18 inches, 18, inches, and 20 inches. Also take note of the dimensions once the seat is reclined. Wall-saver types would only require of you 6 inches of space between the thing and the wall -- what a relief.

Compare the chair dimensions to your target room's floor area. This will help you situate the recliner, even visualize its spot. Those who live in apartments will appreciate a space saver. Those who have more room to spare can give the hunky one a go. Still, the piece should align with the existing furniture. Make sure you can accommodate another lounger, if you're already dealing with a home section that's filled with couches and loveseats. Consider rising, walking, or laying flat with your new comfy chair. Will it relax you or bother you? Say you really want a large recliner. Moving one furniture piece may produce desirable results. Otherwise, cramming a bulky one-seater may cause injury to your children, pets, or yourself. Make sure you have the dimensions right when you are purchasing from an online channel or a physical store. The numbers also matter when you are getting slipcovers.

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Measure Up

This part is the easiest. It can be done before or after measuring the room or picking a bet product. Before is better. Aside from height and weight, there are a few figures to add. One such is the distance between your elbow and the palm of your hand. Another is the distance between the back of your knee and your heel. You should also know your body width. That is, your stat from hip to hip. Make sure the manufacturer or seller specifies the seat width, as well as the size of the armrest and foot rest. When buying offline, you can sit on the chair to test for comfort. But online, you have to ask for said details. Sometimes, kind and helpful users offer the info if you post a question on a forum or e-commerce website. Asking is not as difficult as having to return your purchase if it falls short of expectations. So give it a go.

When you have the chance to test it out in the store, some tricks can help you narrow down options. See if your tailbone or lower back rests completely on the back and the cushion. No gaps mean proper back support. Elbows and hands should be nicely placed over the armrest. The palm or wrist must be leaned on for support. Feet should not be dangling or extended to the floor like you are Daddy Long Legs. For good measure, literally and figuratively, refer to our compilation of 'correct match' sizes. Small is good for 90-130-pound and 4'10- up to 5'2-inch tall individuals. Small / medium is for 140-150 pounds and 5'3-5'4. Medium has a wider range, from 160-300 pounds and 5'5-6'6. Medium / large can accommodate those who are 220-250 pounds and from 5'3 up to 6'6. Large recliners are your thing if you weigh 260-300 pounds and are tall enough to be a match for medium / large.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Think about recliners as shoes. No way too small or too huge can make up for the fact that your footwear is killing your soles and toes and heels. So make sure to get the measurements right. Make this your mantra: comfort with style. That is not to say that you should go beyond your budget to suit your aesthetics as well. But you can always find an option that your more artistic side leans toward. And, of course, this comes second to the practical consideration that is body / space fit and budget. There is still no substitute to your peace of mind post-purchase.

We thank you for taking the time to read through this article. And congratulations for you have succeeded in understanding how you can choose a recliner based on the size of your space, the recliner, and your body. Once you are done measuring, go ahead and check out our individual product reviews, including these loveseat recliners to see if something fits. We have a lot in store for you, smart consumer. This is just the beginning. As usual, if you are looking for a product that will give your health and lifestyle a boost, this is the place to go. See you again soon.