How to Find the Best Chair on the Market for Your Massage Needs

Know the key features to look for if you want to bring home the best chair on the market for your personal or business massage needs.

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Fast Facts About Massage Chairs

Nowadays, health and well-being are at the center of many people's goals. Yet, exercise and workouts are not always accessible. To relax the mind and body, some depend on the soothing effects of a good massage. This is even more viable for individuals who are stuck at work all day. The only way for them to take a break is head home and sleep. Here is a way to enhance that experience, though: sit on a chair and receive the most thrilling shiatsu or vibration massage of their life. This is something only the most fantastic of massage chairs can give.

If that got you thinking about investing in one, then you have to find the best chair on the market -- not just the so-so kind. Many users have gone online to complain that they haven't been satisfied with the leg rest, the head rest, etc. Or that they haven't been happy about the intensity and speed. These people have paid a lot, as this product does not come cheap. In this article, we want to spare you from making costly mistakes. We'll let you in on the key features that are essential to know before you make that decision to bring one of those buddies home.

Best Features and Functions

The anti-gravity feature is probably the most talked-about among the characteristics of a massage chair. That is not a surprise since this has a scientific basis. The zero gravity technology is adopted from aerospace activities. Upon takeoff, astronauts are set to recline at a certain angle. This is to free their body from the stress of increasing gravity within the atmosphere. Now, that is not how exactly the tech is applied in a massage chair. It is just that the chair reclines to an almost-flat position, allowing the body to receive the full benefits of a massage. You won't feel weightless or start floating, but the experience can be recreated. If out-of-this-world glutes massages are your thing, go for an anti-gravity chair. However, understand that your choices will come with an L-shaped or S-shaped track. This refers to the way the rollers move up and down your back. This latter function can limit the recline of the chair.

Speaking of tracks, the infinity chair has the longest one to offer. This type cradles the crown of the head, massaging all the way to the lowest part of your back. Then it lifts the legs to a level above the heart. This function is called an inversion. That gives your blood circulation a boost. If you want a holistic treatment, add this feature in your book. The third most viable feature for you to consider is airbag technology. You'll deal with a lot of counting here, as many models employ airbags differently. But whether it is 6 or 20, know that airbags are for adding pressure. So if you can't deal with too much, you have to scale down a little. The airbag technology imitates the grip and squeeze applied by the human hands. Embrace this feature if you want to feel the love especially in your arms and legs.

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Practical Features and Places to Search

The best massage chair enables you to customize your experience. This means having enough set programs to choose from. A good chair has fewer than 10 pre-programmed sessions. To find one with 16 settings is like winning a jackpot. That chair will hit the sore spots individually or simultaneously. That chair will give you low-speed or high-speed, gentle or intense. That chair will cater to the needs of every family member you got. That chair will be your best friend. But don't buy it at this point, because there is one last thing to consider. The dimensions are not to be left out. Not all massage chairs are created equal. You may find the head and arm rests very comfortable, but the leg rest uncomfortably short. You may find that the seat is not too wide to accommodate your heavy build. You may not be able to fit your tall frame along this thing.

To guarantee a great match, the best way is not the shortcut. You will have to visit the showroom, a fair, or an individual exhibit of a reputable brand. Yet, since e-commerce has raised its standards, doing research online is essential before the buy. Take notes, lots of it. Consider the features and functions we mentioned. Understand the buyers' consensus about a brand or model. Look for the length, width, and height information. Leave no stone unturned. While the process sounds a bit daunting, there are ways to hack it. Find reviews and recommendations that sum up the things you need to know about a product. Look no further, friends. We have those here. So make sure to check out our individual reviews and list reviews. And finally, the clincher. The price tag often makes or break your desire for a product. But if it's worth every penny, we can't help but tell you to take the deal.

Our Verdict

The best chair on the market carries features and functions that improve the lives of its users. No matter the technology, it should be able to add value to your health and wellness pursuit. Of course, the best ones offer the most advanced techs. The zero gravity technology, the infinity track, and the airbag technology top the list. Yet, the practical considerations can still make or break your desire for a brand or model. Can it fit you? Can it fit in your living room? These are mundane yet necessary questions. And the most important of them all is: can you afford it?

We are grateful for the time and attention you spent on this article. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the key features to look for in the best massage chair, is it time to buy? Well, not that fast. Make sure to explore your options. To help you, we have prepared various list and individual reviews of products on the site. For example, as an alternative, how about these massaging car sear cushions. Continue to ask yourself which product will suit your lifestyle. This will be a big purchase for some, so no rush. Take your time. And let us know which one really sticks in your mind after careful consideration.